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Our son is planning to enlist in the military in a few months. I know we're supposed to believe God will take care of him, but right now we've got a bad case of nerves and our fears are a lot stronger than our faith. How can we get over this?


Almost every parent who’s seen a son or daughter (or in my case, a grandson) enter the military has had similar feelings — and they are understandable. You love your son very much, and you know he is choosing an important but potentially dangerous career.

But God also loves your son — in fact, even more than you do! If God didn’t care for your son, you’d have every right to be nervous and fearful. But He does care about him — and that’s why you can trust him into God’s hands, even in the face of uncertainty and danger. The Bible’s promise is clear: “The Lord watches over you. The Lord is like a shade tree at your right hand” (Psalm 121:5, NIRV).

Does this mean your son will never face danger, or even injury or death, in the years ahead? I wish I could promise this — but I can’t, because evil is real, and no one is exempt from life’s dangers. But it does mean you can pray for him and know that God will hear your prayers. It also means that even if hard times come, God is still with you — and with him.

My prayer is that both you and your son will turn to Christ in a fresh way, and commit your lives and your futures into His hands. Then encourage your son to walk with Christ every day as he faces the dangers (and temptations) of military service.