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I know I'm going to hell when I die because I've blasphemed the Holy Spirit. My aunt says God will forgive me but I don't believe it. But I promised her I'd write you to see what you'd say. I don't want to go to hell but I know I will.


Do you honestly think God wants you to spend eternity apart from Him in the place the Bible calls hell? No, He doesn’t. Instead, He wants you to be with Him in heaven because He loves you. The Bible says, “He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9).

Those words were written by the Apostle Peter—and if anyone was guilty of denying Christ, it was Peter. Do you remember? Jesus had warned Peter that he would deny Him, but Peter strongly disagreed. Then Jesus was arrested, and when someone asked Peter if he also was a follower of Jesus, “He began to call down curses on himself, and he swore to them, ‘I don’t know this man'” (Mark 14:71). But Peter repented, and God forgave him—completely and totally. And He will forgive you.

Yes, Jesus said only one sin couldn’t be forgiven, and that was “blasphemy against the Spirit” (Matthew 12:31). But what does it mean to blaspheme the Spirit? I have studied Jesus’ words very carefully, and it simply means this: To deny the Holy Spirit’s witness to Jesus.

In other words, the only sin God can’t forgive is the sin of rejecting Christ. But why reject Him any longer? God’s promise is for you: “Whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:18). Commit your life to Him today.

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  1. Ogaga Ejumabone says:

    Thank you for the message but I don’t know I can be forgiven because I believe I have blasphemed the spirit of righteousness indirectly, because I focused a bible text on him that that says put away from your crooked speech and dobious character. Have I blashphemed. Please reply me I felt Satan talk to me to say it and I said it I admit, I can’t lie to God any longer please help me.

    1. amy sabatino says:

      God can and will forgive you. Ask him and then receive it. The thoughts you are having that you will not be forgiven are whispers from the devil meant to deceive. STAND FIRM on God’s word and his promises to you! You are precious and most loved by God. God wants to forgive you through Christ’s holy blood. Simply do this. Ask God for forgiveness. Know and believe he has forgiven you. When doubt creeps in, speak God’s written words aloud confirming your forgiveness. Lastly “put on the armor of God”. Submerse yourself in the bible and arm yourself with the precious words we have from our Lord and Savior. As his arm and finger points towards Jesus, John the Baptist states “Look! It’s the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

  2. Kim Washburn says:

    Very good info and helpful while concise. Thank you for your support.

  3. J Dugan says:

    I’ve been really struggling with this same thing…

    3 or so years ago, when I was in highschool, I was sitting among peers, one straight up asked if I was a Christian, and in my frightened peer pressure panic, I replied “not really”, and instantly knew in a split second that I had made a huge mistake…

    One year later, same setting, someone asked again if I was a Christian due to wearing a Christian private school hoodie, my response out of pressure was once again along the same lines, “It’s just a hoodie.”

    I heard on the radio that God does not forgive denial of Jesus Christ, and for years I’ve been struggling with this thought, not knowing if it’s forgiveable, and if it is, how I can come clean with God about it. Any advice?

    1. emil says:

      Don’t be afraid, my friend 🙂
      Do you remember Peter, one of the closest friends of Jesus? In Luke 22 you can read how he denied ever knowing Jesus three times because he was afraid. Later, after Jesus had been killed and had risen from the death, he came to see the apostles many times. Then Peter had the possibility to tell Jesus three times that he loved him. (John 21)
      Never be afraid that your actions might make God love you less. There’s nothing you can do to make Him hate you. He knows how difficult life is for us and that we are just humans. Whoever said that God doesn’t forgive denial of Jesus has clearly not read the Bible very carefully 🙂 Only reason people won’t go to heaven is because they don’t want to.

  4. Sean says:

    I have grown up in a strong Christian family and was born again at an early age… However I have never really felt like I was born again or saved or like Jesus Christ was real to me… and I have been the best Christian I think I could be but I don’t feel like a Christian and honestly I just feel lost… I’ve heard all this stuff about you’re either not saved to begin with OR you are grieving the Holy Spirit… but I don’t think either one of them is true and nobody seems to be able to give me a solid answer… if whomever might read this does have an answer or know somebody that does I would appreciate a reply… God bless and thank you!

    1. BGEA says:

      You’re right to want to settle these questions. Please visit where you can talk with a member of our team.

  5. Toni Miller says:

    Love JESUS in my life …

  6. Gordon Mohler says:

    Behind my smile, loving nature, praying, and reading my Bible day and night, I have been in a state of doubt these past few weeks when I heard about the unforgivable sin and I was afraid that I would be tempted to commit it and I think I may already have when I mentioned more than once the fear of seeing Jesus as the enemy which I know very well is not true! And luckily, I haven’t looked at it nor will I ever! But worse yet, I’ve been thinking terrible thoughts and I was afraid that I would give in to evil which I also will not do. But I know that as long as I keep reading my Bible, praying, doing good works and trusting in God, I know I should be okay. Jesus is truly our only hope and without him, we would be lost. Thank you!