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How do you keep bad thoughts from taking over your mind? I'll be fine for a while, but then something will trigger my imagination and I'll start dwelling on things I know I shouldn't be thinking about. God must be very disappointed in me. How can I break this cycle?


You’ve already taken the first step by admitting you have this problem — and not only admitting it but also realizing it’s wrong and wanting to do something about it.

Remember, God is just as concerned about our thoughts as He is about our actions, and He doesn’t want evil thoughts to occupy our minds. One reason God destroyed the world in Noah’s time was because “every inclination of the thoughts of his (man’s) heart was only evil all the time” (Genesis 6:5). Evil thoughts lead to evil deeds — and even when they don’t, they focus our hearts on evil rather than good.

How can you conquer bad thoughts, whatever form they take? Begin by turning to God and submitting your whole life — including your mind — to Jesus Christ. If you have never done so, confess your sins to Him today, and by faith ask Him to come into your heart.

Then fill your mind with God’s truth. In other words, don’t just empty your mind of evil thoughts, but fill it with good thoughts — in other words, with God’s truth as it is found in the Bible. Make the Bible part of your life every day, and memorize as much of it as you can. Then when evil thoughts come into your mind, immediately turn your attention to God’s promises and His love for you. The Bible says, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you” (Psalm 119:11).

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  1. Mary Lou McKaig says:

    Thank you.

  2. Samuel Cobb says:

    Why do evil thoughts come in my mind?

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Fear And Anxiety Dont Let Me Enjoy My Life Again. How Can I Come Back To Normal? I Am In Danger. Evil Thought And Death Always Occupy My Thought.

  4. Shantae says:

    I’m 21 years old. I been struggling with my faith. Every time I feel like things are getting better in my life it’s always something to knock me back down. Several times I think I just want to give up with life it’s not for me. Nothing ever good comes my way. I want my Faith to become strong but I need have the guidance nor motivation sometime.

  5. Joyce cardwell says:

    Why do I have bad thoughts toward God? I try to serve him but the bad is always toward God. I don’t know how to beat this. What am I doing wrong?

  6. James Doran says:

    Hope this helps, this started a week ago in a course in church but I know it’s not from God, it’s demonic.

  7. Mapule says:

    Thank you for the inspiring words that’ll help me a lot in my problem of struggling to fight it alone for many years without success. I believe that’s what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  8. Rebekah says:

    My name’s rebekah I have 2 beautiful children but I struggle with depression and anxiety from things I’m going through in an abusive relationship. I get so low and think terrible thoughts and put myself down please. Pray for me and for my family.

    1. Felicia says:

      Praying for you Rebekah!

    2. Kristen says:

      Rebekah, Sister I’m praying right now for you and your family. God is our ever present help in time of need. I’m going through the same due to some hormonal imbalance. Memorize scripture and when a bad thought comes in, repeat it out loud with authority. Know who you are in Christ, seated in the heavenly places I with the mind of Christ. It’s the enemy who wants to steal, kill, and destroy. I pray God will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus and Grant you peace that transcends all understanding!

  9. Amber says:

    I struggle with anxiety n depression n ptsd. N I have thought that are insane sometime stuff I know just tho but I hate that it even comes to my head please pray for me that I’ll stop having these thoughts please

    1. Misty says:

      You only have fear because you cant see the now, the reason I say this is because you keep thinking it will happen again or you belive it happens everyday the pts syndrome, and it isn’t you have to some how make your mind quit looking for what is not there, my mind does the same thing I belive bad things are going on because that is what my brain belives, I have to stop and refocus on reality all the time, if you think for example your other half partner what have you is cheating on you, and you have already been through this you will then think you know the sighns and see them in the next person as well.