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My Christian friends are constantly telling me I need to depend on God. This offends me, because I think we have the ability to run our own lives. It's insulting to imply that we're stupid and weak, so we need to depend on God instead of ourselves.


Perhaps your friends aren’t as tactful as they could be—but have you ever asked yourself why they are so concerned about you? Are they just trying to prove that they are right and you are wrong? I seriously doubt it.

Instead, I suspect the real reason is because they care about you, and they know that your determination to run your life without God will eventually destroy you. Right now you think you’re able to handle anything that comes your way. But life is uncertain, and eventually we all face things we can’t handle. It may be an accident or devastating illness, or an unexpected financial reverse, or a broken relationship, or any of a hundred other problems I could mention. Why turn your back on God and the help He wants to give you?

But we also need to depend on God for eternity. Someday you will die; on whom will you depend then? Don’t gamble with your soul, but face honestly your need for Christ—both now and for eternity.

Right now your pride is controlling your life. But God loves you, and life’s highest joy comes from knowing Him and trusting Him with our lives every day. Don’t be deceived, but open your heart and life to Jesus Christ today. The Bible warns, “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 14:12).

Open your heart to Jesus.