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Does the Bible say that it is wrong to have a Christmas tree?


We understand your concerns about the use of the Christmas tree. Some have indicated that this practice is wrong because of the words in Jeremiah 10:1-5. These verses, however, do not apply to Christmas trees, but they do condemn the idolatry practiced in Jeremiah’s day. God’s people were following the customs of the heathen who cut down trees, shaped the wood into idols, decorated them with silver and gold ornaments, and worshiped them as gods.

It is important that we keep Christ central and our worship of Him unhindered in our observance of Christmas. However, we do not believe it is unbiblical to have a Christmas tree lighted and decorated in the home or the church. It has been suggested that the branches of the tree pointing upward can signify praise to God. The star at the top can represent the star of Bethlehem. Also, the green of the evergreens has been recognized as symbolic of eternal life, God’s gift to us through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. Lisa Tooman says:

    Thank you.

  2. barbara thomas says:

    I’m a Catholic who enjoys Christmas trees. However we should admit that the verse does seem to refer to trees because the verse also states “he fastens it with nails and hammer, so that it does not totter.” (Jewish study bible). Nevertheless, the Jewish bible commentary does specify that the section describes idolatry and we Christians Do NOT WORSHIP the tree like pagans. (Otherwise one could argue that even furniture would be suspect.)

  3. anthony martin says:

    The word of god said love not the world neither the things of the world for if any man loves the world the love of the father is not in him. We need to get in the word and stop following the tradition of men….men started it not God. It’s more about his death is the way we are saved. The devil know how to make things look like God, sound like God. The God has nothing to do with it. The bible says there is a way that seems right unto men but the end is death. If we walk after the spirit we won’t try to fulfilled the lust of the flesh. Galatians 4:10. Paul wrote ye observe days, and months and time and years, but 4:9 said that this is weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage.

  4. tony williams says:

    Thank you for helping me realize the truth about these Scriptures. Someone tried to convince me that we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas because they misinterpreted Jeremiah 10:1-5.

  5. Maryburnsrachwitz says:

    I have a friend that is studying Judaism traditions she us trying to convince me to change my ways I’ve been a bible-believing Christian most of my adult life my childhood I was Catholic didn’t know any of the stuff I think I’m going to enjoy this my conversations we’ll be lead by the Holy Spirit it Will is will much more intense
    Thank you Billy Graham for all that you do in his name

  6. K. Mario says:

    It’s time that the church leaders start teaching the truth. The Christmas tree clearly came from pagan roots!!! Just like Easter, clearly pagan and should have never been part of the church. Teach the people the truth and stop folding under the pressure of tradition when tradition is obviously in error of the bible.

    1. Mike says:

      Now that’s the truth. Amen and amen.

  7. Rev. Michael Young says:

    Where in the bible do we have Christmas?

    1. K. Mario says:

      You’re correct

  8. Spang says:

    The Bible clearly says no man can come to me except the father who sends me draws them, therefore if you’re not called by Yahweh you will not understand and accepts his teachings, you might have a form of Godliness but will Deny his truth and teachings. it clearly says those he called he will give them his Holy Spirit, which is a gift from God after repentance and baptism and laying of hands by his ordained pastor and elder, therefore only the called out ones will understand and accept his truth.

  9. Iortim jones says:

    The only event Jesus specifically instructed his followers to commemorate was his death, not his birth.

  10. Mary Moyer says:

    The way my son and I celebrate with a tree is this.
    Putting the tree up represents His resurrection, lights- He is the light of the world, star – star of Bethlehem. Presents aren’t the focus rather celebrating the birth of Christ and dying on a tree to set us free from sin. We have two signs in our front window, God Bless America and Jesus is the Reason for the Season. In the lawn is a sign that says Hope. We say Merry Christmas where ever we go. So be thankful for what you have because there are many that have a lot less than you including salvation. God bless and Merry Christmas