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Does God forgive the sins we will commit in the future, or just those from our past? I became a Christian two years ago, and I worry about this.


One of the Bible’s greatest truths is that Christ died to take away all our sins–not just part of them, but all of them: past, present, and future.

This is why you shouldn’t fear that you will lose your salvation every time you commit a sin. If that were the case, you and I would lose our salvation every day–because we sin every day. Even if our actions are pure, our thoughts often are not. And even if our actions and thoughts are pure, we still sin because of the good things we should be doing but fail to do.

Never forget: Your salvation does not depend on you and how good you are.

It depends solely on Christ and what He has already done for you through His death on the cross. The Bible says that Christ “appeared once for all at the end of the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself” (Hebrews 9:26).

Does that mean it doesn’t matter whether or not you sin? No, of course not. Sin is serious; it is an offense to God, and it breaks our fellowship with Him. Sin also compromises our witness for Christ. The Bible is clear: “Be holy, because I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16).

But you cannot live the Christian life in your own strength. You need God’s help–which is why He has given His Holy Spirit to you. When you sin, confess it immediately, and then seek the Holy Spirit’s help each day to live as you should.

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  1. masilo phillemon says:

    It is true. I believe God is good.

  2. Lawrence says:

    Thanks for your great clarification of redemption from all our sins. The evil chains of mentality of backsliding is now cut off through understanding of Christ’s love to the nations.

  3. Joanne McAfee says:

    The issue of sin was settled at the cross. It was what kept us out of close intimate relationship with God but remember? The veil to the Holy of Holies was ripped in two so no more separation. The blood of Jesus was sufficient to cover ALL sin. God’s concern is our heart. What do we hold in it that keeps us from living life abundantly and advancing His kingdom?

  4. Rave Espino says:

    Is forgiveness already present even before we accept Jesus Christ as our savior? Or God’s forgiveness is already available? All we need to do is accept and acknowledge our situation as sinners.

    1. Amani Arman says:

      No sinner would ever get saved by standing around saying, “God promised to save me in John 3:16!” It is not enough that the price was paid and the provision was made. The sinner is only saved when he receives something that already belongs to him as far as God is concerned. Salvation from sin does indeed belong to everyone, but only those who receive it get it.

      Likewise, healing belongs to everyone. It is part of the same atonement. But only those who receive it get it. You can’t even just believe that Jesus made it available to you. You have to receive it. Until you do, you experience pain in your body even though God considers you healed by the stripes of Jesus.

    2. Tosin says:

      Yes forgiveness is present. It’s just for the unbeliever to accept what Christ did and live a holy life or for the believer to confess the sin he committed.

  5. N.Hungyo says:

    We commit sins and God forgives, but it does not mean we can commit sins all the time, and knowingly repent all the time.

  6. K. says:

    For about six months I have been deeply concerned about the unforgivable sin. I found out about this sin and was severely afraid because I could remember a point in time when I was angry at a family member and may have said something in private against the him. I regret my decision but knew I was sinning in the moment due to my anger and stress. How do I know I will be forgiven and I still have the spirit of God?


    Thanks so much for sharing that answer with us! That is exactly what I believe! But this is highly debated. No matter how debated it is, for some reason I have always believed as you do.

  8. Femi says:

    Great piece. Enlightening and powerful.
    More grace. Greater glory

  9. Will says:

    Because of OCD I cannot trust my own decisions, and many Christians have different views on right and wrong, interpretations.

    I didn’t want to watch a movie because it suggested God wasn’t real, but I felt guilty that I hadn’t prayed in a while, and I wanted to spend time with my Dad, so I watched the movie, to feel bad, so I could more easily pray.

    I doubt every action I take, so for a while now, I’ve just decided to live with an honest heart, to try and do whatever I can to maximize happiness for all, but I end up sinning sometimes because of it. All I want is for people to be happy. Is to make people happy. If I’m truly sorry, can I be forgiven for these mistakes?

    I feel closer to God after all this.

    1. Joshua Alloway says:

      Will, we all sin and fall short every single day. The day you put your trust in Jesus Christ and In Christ alone for your salvation, your sins are forgiven for the past, present and future.