Warsaw, Poland: Around Town

By   •   June 13, 2014

Street view
A view of a Warsaw street from the Palace of Culture and Science. Watch the Poland Festival of Hope June 14-15 at billygraham.org/live.
Guards at palace
Guards stand watch at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw.
Mermaid statue
The Mermaid Statue stands in the center of Old Town Square.
Man sitting
A young guy takes a seat at a plaza overlooking the city.
Modern skyline
Warsaw has many modern buildings and skyscrapers.
Accordion players and other musicians often set up on the streets.
Bus on street
Warsaw residents get around a variety of ways, including bus, light rail, car and bicycle.
Waiting for bus
Overall, most Poles identify with the Catholic faith.
Old walls
The remnants of Warsaw's defensive walls built in 1548 surround Old Town.
Outdoor dining
Outside Old Town, the area is open and full of restaurants and shops.
Old map
A map of Old Town and New Town Warsaw.
Warsaw palace
The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.
Royal Castle
The Royal Castle (right) was completely destroyed during World War II along with much of Old Town. It was rebuilt between 1971-1988 using castle remains and rubble.
Two boys
Two boys venture off from their tour group to walk the walls around Old Town.
Colorful square
The colorful Old Town Market Square is popular among locals and tourists alike.
People walking
Taking a walk down a Warsaw street. The Franklin Graham Festival of Hope will be held in Warsaw June 14-15. Watch live at billygraham.org/live.


Franklin Graham will preach during the historic Festival of Hope in Warsaw June 14-15. Watch live at billygraham.org/live.

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