What is Idolatry?

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What is idolatry? Idolatry is anything that comes between us and God. Joshua told his people that their nation would be destroyed if they persisted in idolatry, and their souls would suffer eternal death. He said, “You must make your decision today. You must decide whether you want to serve the idols of this life, or the living God.” “Choose you this day,” said Joshua, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” What about you? Are you taking your stand with Joshua? No matter what the cost? I am asking you to choose this day whom you will serve. Our families cannot choose Christ for us. Our friends cannot do it. God is a great God, but even God can’t make the decision for us. He can help, but only we can decide. We have to make our own choice.

Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus Christ, take away the idols in my life so that, completely undivided, I may serve You, my Savior.

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  1. Luzell Knight says:

    I Thoroughly enjoyed the message in the article.. Thanks

  2. Margareta Cronholm says:

    Thank you. I don’t have any idols. When something try to be my idol,my soul feels uncomfortable and I had better move that thing away. Perhaps run away if it is possible. When i call upon Jesus He is always there and He is all.

  3. OJ says:

    God help me to remain resolute in my decision to serve you till the end

  4. Emmanuel says:

    This is timely to me.

  5. Terefe Hundessaa says:

    My choice is to serve my Lord.

  6. chisomo gumbwa says:

    Thank you for your service I will pray for you and you should also pray for me as well may God bless you.

  7. Alifa O Nicholas says:

    I was touched

  8. Debasis Murmu says:

    I am willing to receive the Bible messages as my morning devotion. Thank You.

  9. Jonathan Young says:

    Thank you for your ministry. The dangerous idols are good things in life, ones that have honor in them but still fall short of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am guilty of this every day. Lord, forgive me.