The Light of the World

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Under the picture of Peter Milne, hanging in the church he founded on the little New Hebrides Island of Nguna, these words are found: “When he came, there was no light. When he died, there was no darkness.” When Christ came into the world, there was no light. Matthew (quoting Isaiah) said of Him, “The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up” (Matthew 4:16). Harry Lauder once said that during his boyhood, he could tell where the lamplighter was “by the trail of light he left behind him.” Christ was the heavenly Lamplighter. Everywhere He went, the midnight gloom of sin and despair disappeared before Him.

Prayer for the day

My heart and soul praise You, my risen Redeemer, for the light that pervades the deepest gloom and transforms our lives with Your love.

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  1. M Kathy James says:

    I am realizing the older I get the more I needed to Praise The Lord for being born into a large family of believers who worship The Lord in everything they do. The brothers & sisters (my uncles & aunts) & my Grandparents sang together & we travelled around to many different churches singing & ministering to others. And from a very young age my family started singing together. What a blessed life we have lived because our ancestors carried the love of our Savior up thru the generations and we would go & tell others. My mother is 85 yrs old & is still singing for The Lord today. Thank you Lord for your constant love, light & precious salvation.