Endless Forgiveness

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empty tomb

Look at Christ’s death. In one biography of the great American, Daniel Webster, 863 pages deal with his career and just five pages are devoted to his death. In Hay’s life of Abraham Lincoln there are 5,000 pages but only 25 are devoted to the dramatic story of his assassination and death. In most biographies the deaths of the subjects are mere incidents at the close of the books. But when we come to the four “biographies” of Jesus, the four Gospels, we are confronted with a strange fact. One-third of Matthew is given to a description of the death of Christ. One-third of Mark, one-fourth of Luke, and one-half of John are given to His death. All these pages are devoted to the last 24 hours of His life. The death of Jesus Christ is a significant fact in human history, because Jesus Christ came for the express purpose of dying for sinners. When He left heaven, He knew He was going to the cross.

Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus, what agony You suffered for me upon the cross. I deserve Your judgment, yet You have given me forgiveness and eternal life. I praise Your beloved name.

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  1. Farrukhsamuel says:

    Thank you Jesus

  2. Mebakerlang Nongrum says:

    Thank You Lord for saving me by dying an agonizing death on the cross.

  3. Joyce Wilson says:

    Thank You Daddy God for sending your only son to die on the cross for OUR salvation, Thank You Jesus our Lord and Savior Amen. !!!!

  4. Karen B. says:

    Dear Lord I ask for your healing hands as I am going through a difficult health time. I not only suffer from anxiety, but I had a focal seizure on my left side and the doctors are still doing tests. I am afraid every day of having another seizure. I pray for comfort to my soul and my worries to be little.

  5. Laura Speer says:

    Thank you Father GOD for eternal life through the horrible death of Your Son and my Savior Jesus Christ.

  6. Sam K says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus for your sacrifice for us. You love us so much that you would suffer death on the cross. Lord today help me to be a better servant, to live only for you and only in the moment – forgetting the sins and regrets of the past and not worrying about the future, and loving and serving others around me. I love you Lord Jesus.

  7. Joe says:

    Blessed be the name of Jesus Christ forever.

  8. Gerry says:

    We are reminded as believers, particularly at this time of year that we must thank God daily , for the incredible events at Calvary. We can approach his throne at any time knowing full well that he hears every word and he is faithful to forgive.

  9. Eunice Atieno says:

    Am a born again christian from Kenya, have not been in a position to read Billy Graham’s inspirational messages but since I discovered them they have been a blessing and encouragement to me and everyday I look forward to reading them from my small cellphone am looking forward to giving my contribution.