Cure for Anxiety

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Billy Graham’s Hour of Decision radio message, recorded in 1961, opens with a list of problems the world was facing at that time in history. While some of those issues have since gone away, others are still as prominent as ever—such as anxiety and depression among the wealthiest, most powerful celebrities, and fear in the hearts of ordinary people. Billy Graham addresses the underlying causes of anxiety and the ultimate solution.

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  1. Donna says:

    If only we had more more ministers that weren’t afraid to speak truth.
    Thank you Rev Graham for all your year’s of service to our father.

  2. angela gordon says:

    It shows us, that we as human beings are very limited in every way, shape and form, when we compared it with an unlimited God that we serve!

  3. Sarah Frances Bane says:

    Amen, thank you.

  4. L Shaw says:


  5. vitaliy says:

    Great message !!! Thanks God for everything !!! Thanks so much Billy Graham !!!

  6. Claire Slinko says:

    Thank you for these emails; especially about anxiety and fear. These are two things that have taken up much of my life for too long and reading and practicing the wisdom and truth of these emails are already bringing peace and comfort to my soul.

  7. Galina says:


  8. Ronald J.Lorenzo Jr. says:

    Amazing! Fifty-four years ago & just as relevant today as it was then! God bless you Brother Graham!

  9. Pam welch says:


  10. bradley says:

    So helpful and convicting…thank you.