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My Answer
  • With God’s Help, Be Generous This Holiday Season

    Don't get caught up in the confusion of where and how to give this holiday season. Let God help you set priorities.

  • Jesus Was Human, But He Never Sinned

    But Jesus wasn't just another human being. Yes, He was fully human, and as such He could experience pain and hunger and thirst. But He also was fully God!

  • Hypocrites Need Prayer and Faith

    We're all hypocrites. We all are imperfect, and we all fail to live up to God's standards. And that is one reason we need Jesus.

  • Let God, Not Fortune Tellers, Guide Your Path

    God knows all about you, and He wants to guide you and change your life. Why seek help from anyone else?

  • Christ Can Comfort Families of Prisoners

    If you have an incarcerated loved one, never forget that Christ knows all about your hurts, and He wants to comfort you and help you.

  • Your Conscience is God-Given

    God gave us a conscience because He loves us, and He doesn't want us to destroy our lives and the lives of others through our evil deeds. But He also gave it to us to show us our need of Christ.

  • Pray for Your College-Aged Children

    Often, when students head to college, they come home with new ideas and changed philosophies. When this happens, pray for them, that their minds and hearts will be open to God's truth.

  • Don’t Fear the End of the World

    One day God will remake the entire universe. Everything will be new and perfect, and sin and death will never again appear. Don't live in fear of that day, but put your life into Christ's hands.

  • The Devil, Although Often Disguised, Is Very Real

    The Bible tells us several things about Satan. But the most important thing we know about him is that he is a defeated foe.

  • Drug Abuse Blinds Us to Its Consequences

    Young people today face issues and temptations that those of us who are older seldom faced, and the consequences are often disastrous.

  • God is Present in Our Problems

    God is with us, and even in the midst of life's storms and troubles, we can turn to Him for the comfort and strength we need.

  • Evidence of God’s Existence

    God has not hidden Himself from us; all around us we see evidence of His existence. But the greatest way He revealed Himself to us was when he came down from heaven and walked among us in the person of Jesus Christ.

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