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If Jesus is God, why does the Bible talk about Him praying to God?


Since the Bible affirms that Jesus is God, it is often perplexing to note that Jesus addresses God in prayer. The answer to this, as well as to all references to Jesus as being tired or hungry, weeping, lacking knowledge, etc., is that Jesus was a true man, as well as God.

The second Person of the Trinity, God the Son, took upon Himself complete humanity, except for our sinful nature, when He was conceived in Mary. He is described by theologians as one Divine Person having two natures, divine and human—the God-man.

Passages of Scripture which describe Jesus’ limitations are referring to His humanity. He lived His life as a true man, depending upon His heavenly Father day by day, just as we are expected to do. Many believe that even His miracles and supernatural knowledge were enabled by the Holy Spirit, not accomplished by switching back and forth between His divine and human natures.

When Jesus cried from the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” He was expressing from His human consciousness the terrible sense of being separated from His heavenly Father as He suffered the penalty for the world’s sin. He, of course, with respect to His divine nature, could not suffer or die. In all of this great mystery, we have only glimmers of truth which is beyond human comprehension.

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  1. sammy maina says:

    I am blessed by your powerful word

  2. J r says:

    Many shear the same beliefs .the scripture said many are on that road( wide road)and few believe Jesus in the son of god not god himself Jesus claimed that he was the son of God many times in the Bible never once did he say he was God in the Old Testament God let people know he was God why didn’t he and a new testament say that Jesus is God. Before Jesus came to Earth he was a spirit creature description show not God but God’s helper he refers to God as his father many times he prays to his father many times he repeats that he’s not as knowledgeable as God he says that God knows things that he don’t know scriptural facts not one verse shows that Jesus saying he is God he says he will be sitting at the right hand of his father two people

  3. Diane La Baw says:

    So, when Jesus was talking about His Father, or praying to His Father, He was talking about God, or praying to God within Himself. Right? God the Father within Him (Jesus)

  4. Ita says:

    If there’s one true God why does Jesus refers to God as the father and the only true God, how can he be God. Also, in Revelation 5 it’s clear that God the father sits on the throne and Jesus is the one who’s worthy to take the scroll and open it. This whole chapter shows the son to have a lower position than the one who sits on the throne. There are too many scriptures in the Bible that shows Jesus to be not equal to God. Yes, there are some scriptures that appear otherwise, It is very upsetting. By the way, where does the word “Trinity” come from? I’ve never seen it in the Bible. Please help!

  5. Eddie baca says:

    Awesome thank you

  6. Elizabeth Scott says:

    I think it’s easiest compression or understanding would be the fact that Jesus was Gods son the same as we are Gods sons and daughters. We are all made in Gods image but Jesus was the image of God in the flesh, therefore he was perfect but still felt the things we do. When he cried out to God he was crying out to his father in the same way we would cry out to our inner self (the spirit of God living in us) and ask why we feel so depleted and why we are tempted to give up during difficult times. We all sometimes feel like we are falling apart in the mind and flesh but we all have an inner spirit that we expect would keep us going, and speak to ourselves as a second person urging ourselves to keep going. God was Jesus’s inner spirit as well yet even more so because he was God in the flesh. So to me it makes sense he would have felt forsaken because that was his flesh and his mind talking. After all he was sent here to endure all of our feelings.

    1. J r says:

      . That don’t make any sense it doesn’t sound like something a human supposed to understand why would God make himself sound complicated you’re listening to your clergy you listening to that preacher instead of finding out for yourself read your Bible these educated clergyman learn the truth from the world not from the Bible they go to college and get their degrees and religion that’s not what you described did the Bible’s there for everyone understand stop listening to these preachers God gave all of us a brain use it