TV SPECIALHeart of Compassion

In sharing the Gospel we must not forget Christ’s example of compassion for the lost and broken. In this Billy Graham TV Special, follow three stories that show how faith and compassion combine to reach a hurting world.


Heart of Compassion 28:30


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  1. Sharon Carter says:

    Prayer request. I’m being attacked by Satan. I’m trying to go on a mission trip with my church and Satan is doing everything to keep me from going. I need a financial break thru and I need you to stand in agreement that he will not keep me from going and I will get thru this attack in Jesus name

  2. Jenna and Carl says:

    If we did not have Christ in our lives, we would not be here today! We came through some very dark times, and Praise The Lord, we survived. God is in our Home, and we speak to many to introduce them to the Lord. We hold Bible Studies in our Home and Fellowship.
    Love and Blessings to you all.

  3. Lisa Kellas says:

    I was reading Samuel the other day and it occurred to me that most of the prophets encouraged the Israelites to abandon their idols and worship and obey God. We don’t seem the have prophets telling us that today. I thought you could create and organize a National Turn Back to God Day. Communicate with all Christian churches to coordinate and specify a date. Prepare with notices on media sites such as Facebook. Also lead up to the day with sermans describing the past events with the prophets, identifying current idols and the importance of obedience to God.
    This probably will not change the path we are on but it may help a few people recognize what is going on and turn back to God.

  4. Torie Anna Steagall says:

    I want to give a testimony. I’m Pentecostal, worshiped the Lord most my life, but after the state took my children I fell into a very dark place. Then two weeks ago, I woke up and told my husband that I want to go to church. The lady next door invited us to go to her church. I rededicated my life that Sunday morning. I have the Holy Ghost inside me, I walk with GOD every step of the way. I started standing up for Kim Davis and now people are telling me off. This new law is so wrong and so against what GOD told us was right, and it seems when someone points that out, they get criticized in this day and time. I am not letting these people upset me, because I have GOD on my side. Thank you very much.

  5. James Flomo says:

    God have make me who I’m today, it was not by mistake. Me and my household will serve the Lord.