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How are we to love? We are to love as God loves us . . . we are to show acceptance and appreciation . . . [to] accept each other as God accepts us. Too many parents refuse to accept and appreciate their children for what they are. That is why a million American children ran away from home last year. A team of Yale researchers has concluded that the majority of these runaways were attempting to escape an unhappy family situation. They yearned to be appreciated.

The causes of delinquency, we are told, are broken homes, poverty, lack of recreational facilities, poor physical health, racism, working mothers, and so on . . . The experts never seem to mention the lack of love, or the lack of faith in God. Yet these are the two most important elements for an adolescent’s successful maturity.

How long has it been since you praised your children instead of criticizing them? David prayed for Solomon and daily praised him, and we are to praise our children daily. Praise your wife. I have found that praise goes a lot further than criticism. Everybody needs to be appreciated.

Prayer for the day

It is so easy to criticize those close to me; but Lord, give me Your unreserved love so that they may know how deeply I appreciate them.

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  1. HENRY YASMINA says:

    Il n’y a pas plus beau que d’aimer et surtout d’être aimé : merci Seigneur de m’aimer pour que je suis et de me donner de l’amour tous les jours. Amen. Jasmin

  2. Teresa Vitale says:

    Lord God teach me to love others the way you love me. I have been with my husband and his family for over 25 years. I could never figure out what it was about me they didn’t like. After reading this scripture, I believe God answered my question. It’s not about them, it’s really about me. Lord, I lift your love, grace and wisdom high for You are my teacher and I your student.

  3. EDITH TAMATI says:

    Hello thanks for the lovely daily devotion it does feeds our souls each day may the grace of God continue to pour out on you all.

  4. Gerry says:

    You can either choose to be a positive influence or a negative influence. Both take about the same effort. Be an encourager ………Jesus did

  5. Joyce Paul says:

    PRAISE is the Fairest Blossom which Spring from Soul. God’s Word is The True Source of Comfort.
    GOD BLESS YOU! amen.

  6. Randy says:

    This message is absolutely correct how we take our great achieving for granted. I belong to a blended family with 3 great children I just don’t give them the love and appreciation they deserve. I’ve let my family down in not doing this and am at the brink of loosing them. Please pray for my healing to properly love an respect my family but more importantly the family I hurt emotionally by not following this message from Billy Graham