A Will Graham Celebration is much larger than the few days of the actual evangelistic event.

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It all begins with local Christians praying and working behind the scenes preparing for the Celebration. Long after the event, area churches carry on the work—discipling those who came to faith during the Celebration.

A Celebration is built upon the principles and experience of Billy Graham Crusades, following the God-blessed pattern developed over the years by Billy Graham and his team. A Will Graham Celebration isn’t simply in the community a few days and then gone. It’s a Spirit-led process that begins months, even years, before through the efforts of people like you. Lives are affected and changed for years afterward—and for eternity!

Through the Bring a Friend program, a Will Graham Celebration uses individual evangelism in a mass setting. It strengthens and builds local congregations through involvement and training opportunities.

Celebration - worship
Celebration - worship