53:19   •   December 18, 2012

Billy Graham preaches on the conversion of the notorious tax collector, Zacchaeus. Musical Guests Willa Dorsey, Evie and Pelle Karlsson. – Halifax 10/29/79

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  1. Fe Monge says:

    It has never been a preatcher like Billy Graham.I watch him since i was 7 years old and now I’m 71 and i still watch him on tv and my computer.Thank you Lord For Billy Graham,He has allways been the best.

  2. bobby says:

    I love to listen to these classics daily..thank you billy graham

  3. Angela Bowen says:

    I love spending my mornings listening to Bro. Graham , you can feel his love for Jesus ! I’m so glad that Jesus loves me and forgives me, can not imagine life without Him !

  4. Rich O'Brian says:

    Thnk you for these wonderful classics

  5. Nadine Davis says:

    I am a Seminarian and new to the ministry. I am studying to become a Chaplain working for the United States Army. I was a young child when Rev Graham had this message on Zaccheus in Nova Scotia. I have studied a little on Rev Graham and his ministry in my leadership class but before that I had started listening to his messages from this site. Thank you for giving the world access to his message. He is a great influencer. I admire his dedication to serving our Lord and the message of Hope that he brings to the lost. I love the way he does the altar call or appeal for salvation, particularly how he tells the people that “your friends, they will wait for you, come now.” Rev Graham gets straight to the point, he stops talking, bows his head, and silently prays while he waits for the people to come forward. I would love to see the prayer portion of the altar appeal, but the videos usually cuts off at the singing of the song “Just As I Am.” In any case, Rev Graham is an inspiration to me, and I am listening to his messages, as I learn how to preach. He is a great example even to new leaders in this day. Thank you. Nadine

  6. Merry ishak says:

    Good n thk

  7. nancy says:

    bendiciones por cada uno de tus programas son de mucha bendicion

  8. Fred Coralde says:

    Thank you….thank you……

  9. Jayce Triplett says:

    Thank you Jessus for using Dr. Billy Graham to help spread the great news of Christ all over the world. Amen

  10. CH. RUBEN says:

    You are my gods gift

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