Thank You for Praying for Vancouver

03:34   •   March 13, 2017

Tens of thousands attended each night of the Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope, and many lives were changed by Franklin Graham’s Gospel message.

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  1. Thembisa mughogho says:

    This is God at work.

  2. Julie Barnes says:

    I want the courage to reach out to people who don’t believe in Jesus. I want to know the right words to say but I’m a little shy so I have trouble spreading the Gospel to the lost. Can you give me some advice on this issue?

  3. Pete Keyte says:

    Opposition proves you were doing the right thing….God Bless you All…

  4. Dr P Lam says:


  5. Mrs. Gennie Jane Crowder says:

    Praying for your work as you proclaim God’s words to America and the world.

  6. Deborah strother says:

    Wonderfully touching! I’m a new Pastor, this was great! For the glory of God. Thank you Pastor Graham.

  7. Debra Tindall says:

    This crusade is so inspiring and I’m so glad to be apart of God’s kingdom.

  8. Uneke Ogbonna says:

    Thank God for such move by the Holy Ghost through to convince people to turn to Christ for their salvation. More strength from the Lord to do the work of soul winning for Christ. Amen.

  9. Verda says:

    I’m so thankful that God had you come to Vancouver. I wish it had been Calgary. The Heavenly Father is Awesome! Majestic. My Husband and two children are not believers. Please pray for Travis, Lisa, Evan. In these times, Franklin you stepping up to the plate speaks volumes to unbelievers. You and Ann Are Moses in these Dark Days. 💞💞💞

  10. Debbie Spivak says:

    I was there on Friday night. It was great. A once in a lifetime opportunity to see Franklin.

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