Hour of Decision Christmas Program — 1952

14:38   •   December 7, 2015

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  1. Timothy Rogers says:


  2. Thomas Chinen says:

    I vowed to commit my life to serving Jesus Christ at the Billy Graham Crusade in Los Angeles many, many years ago. Praise God for Billy serving Him and giving glory to him.

  3. olleke tombokan says:

    Praise the Lord

  4. John H. Jansen says:

    Brought back some fond memories from my childhood,Thankyou and may the whole team have ablessed christmas.

  5. Peace Charity Adzah says:

    Jesus is my Lord and saviour.

  6. Awet Gebray says:


  7. Rogers Sisson says:

    Love Christmas

  8. Carol Maddux says:

    Priceless….thank you so much for sharing this video with all of us…God bless you!!

  9. William Dudas says:

    great Christmas stuff

    1. Sheryl Carlisle says:

      Its great to hear and see this program knowing my mother and father who are now in Heaven would have seen this the year my brother was born and I turened two. As is our custom we finished reading aloud ONE WINTRY NIGHT yesterday. Thankful eternally to our Lord for the Billy Graham family and organization. The Shoebox ministry has enriched our family celebration of this precious time as well. Gods blessings are surely evident. Thank you!! From our family

  10. PYNROI says:

    Jesus is my saviour.

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