Evangelist Billy Graham has preached about the cross to millions of people around the world—and now he brings the timeless message of hope and redemption in Jesus Christ to America once more.

The Cross 28:52

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  1. donna says:

    i know my relationship with our GOD and JESUS but not with the holy ghost other then the comforter. can you explain the holy ghost and how im suppose to relate. please give me as much information as possible. thank you very much.

  2. Krish Chhabria says:

    A journey with Dr.Graham to understand “The Good Shepherd” will be Great & if Jesus Christ wishes me to see Dr.Graham I will be the most happiest man on this earth.
    I pray for the Crusader to get better, Guide us all in this dark age & attain Peace with God!!!!!!!!
    Krish Chhabria.

  3. TERIMBERE Ernest says:

    May GOD bless you so much.

  4. Gary L Richmond Jr says:

    I have been dreaming of the day that I would meet Billy Graham. I’ve watched the old TV specials and listened to the older generations stories of him. I pray this finds him and his family well, I am in need of spiritual direction and have had dreams of Mr. Grahams teachings finding their way into my generations hearts. I pray this in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Amen!

  5. Penny Crawford says:

    I had been watching Billy Graham TV sermons since I was a little girl, I am 48 now . I watched it with my grandmother. She sent money to the ministry for I don’t how long. My grandmother has worshipped Jesus and spoke of Jesus everyday. She is in the nursing home now and even though her mind is not what it use to be, if a preacher starts a Bible verse she can finish it before he does. She is the only person I know who has always put Jesus first. My grandmothers name is Lucy Marie Thomas could you all please pray for her. Billy Graham has always been the greatest speaker about Jesus Christ and the cross. I wish that I would have gotten to speak with him. I wish him well and we will meet in heaven someday. Thank You Billy Graham

    1. Lynn Stepp says:

      Penny, Please let your grandmother know that we are praying for her and for you. Blessings, Lynn

  6. Phyllis Brock-Gaddy says:

    Thank you Billy and Franklin Graham , I hear every word you speak, it’s in my heart, in my mind always in my thoughts every moment I breath, I Thank God for you and your precious Family, I Love You and God Bless You always, from Phyllis Brock-Gaddy

  7. Belinda Hood says:

    I am THRILLED that you are broadcasting on the Billy Graham Classics Billy’s crusades from his EARLY years, as well. These early crusades are some of Billy Graham’s most POWERFUL Gospel messages ever!! I believe that MANY people will be reached for Christ through these early crusade reruns. Please keep them coming!!

    Blessings in Christ.
    B. G. Hood

  8. John J. Bushey says:

    I have been a watcher and a listener of Billy Graham for years. If I had an opportunity to talk to any famous person in the world it would definitely be Billy Graham. He has helped me with my walk with Christ In so many ways. Thank you for your inspiration Billy Graham from a brother in Christ
    John J Bushey

  9. Georgia Cohen says:

    Please give me a list of the churches in the Pittsburgh area that are holding the Christian Life Witnessing classes.

    1. Tim Kenny says:

      You can find the list of churches here:

  10. LEELA A THOMAS says:


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