Taking Down the Ropes of Segregation

15:49   •   January 18, 2015   •   Topics:

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  1. Marsha Richardson says:

    A couple years ago I was in the front room of my parents house singing and having devotion then suddenly a strong spirit from within said to me “Tell my people I love them”. I couldn’t not at that time understand why I should tell people God loves them, then I began to list the various negative response I’d get or get if and when I tell people about God. The Spirit said “Go and turn on the tv” and wouldn’t give me peace until I did so. I turned on the tv and the channel was on TBN and there Evangelist Billy Graham were preaching St.John 3:16 pointing directly towards me and the crowd watching; it was then I understood what the Spirit said to my spirit to tell the people. God Bless you Evangelist Billy Graham. To God be the glory.

  2. Micah Tibbe says:

    As long as there is evil living in the hearts of man we will never be free. We all are born with a sinful nature and a free will. We make decisions that effect us every day of our lives. Only we can choose to make those decisions to be good decisions, and only we can choose to make poor decisions. However there is hope and that hope is found through Christ Jesus. When we have the Holy Spirit living inside us and we are constantly nurturing our hearts through prayer and the reading of Gods word then we will know how to make wise decisions. This is why it is so important to let our actions speak for God and to teach others about the love of Christ.


    just delighted reading this. Dr martin luther really contributed to fight against racism.

  4. Gerald Solomon says:

    Praise God, this is the Lord’s doing and is marvellous in our eyes.

  5. Matthew Zigler says:

    I love to watch and read about how God used Billy and continue to use him and family.

  6. miriam gras says:

    I think that equal rights were achieved. I think what we need in the world is a repentant heart and a deep desire to return to our Almighty God and His ways. Then, we will be free at last.

  7. Mary Bellesen says:

    I love Billy Graham He is the real deal My God Bless him and his Family.

  8. anaba nicholas says:

    The messages are powerful, God increase this ministry.

  9. hector bracero says:

    Very inspiring very true

  10. Gwen Baskett says:

    Thank you Dr. Graham for standing in The Word against hatred! God’s Blessings continue to abide w/you and the Mission of Love, as you teach/preach The Gospel. I want a copy of “Taking Down The Ropes of Segregation” .& am including a donation.

    1. George Gucci says:

      Gwen, may God also bless you

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