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From Estonia to Taiwan to Columbia, people around the world are partnering to sow the seeds of gospel in hope of a harvest.

Sowing Seeds of Hope 28:30

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Billy Graham was one of the first evangelists to use the power of media to reach the lost with the Gospel. BGEA airs numerous programs each year on TV and Radio. By donating to our television and radio ministries, you will advance the Gospel both stateside and internationally through programs such as the Hour of Decision and our monthly television specials.




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  2. Linda Burton says:

    I would love to get updates on how Billy and his family are doing. The Lord used Billy to speak to my heart 46 yrs ago and I excepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Thank you Billy. You are so loved by millions.

  3. Mark Allemand says:

    I witness to life after death, only to be given a chance to return, i begged to let me return because i was not finished here on earth, i pleaded that i had a family abd was not ready to go, so i asked how do i get out of here? Then i voice told me all i had to do is walk through that door, i turned and the door looked like a normal door, and as i opened the door i was blinded by the color of gold so bright that it looked just like the sun. Then as walked through the thresold i was instantly awake on the ground looking up at my coworker who had been screaming my name. The left side of my body covered in blood i said to him what had happened, he said you have been run over by a truck, to ly down because help is on the way.

  4. elison camara says:

    i love pastor billy grahams messages

  5. Rev Charles T Neyman says:

    Just curious…about 4or 5 years ago my wife and I attended the school of evangelism conference and were sponsored by the organization. Is the BGEA still hosting these conferences and sponsoring folks to go?

    1. Lynn Stepp says: I have provided the link to our current school of evangelism. We have all of our training online now. There are no conferences being held at this time.

  6. Priscilla Lockamy says:

    Recently read Ruth Grahams book and loved readng that they have many of the same problems as the rest of us. Always thought they were the perfect family. Interested if she or any of the family members will be speaking in North Caroling any time soon. Find the whole family so inspirational and would love to hear them speak in person.

  7. wanda berry says:

    Have always adored Mr Graham. Was lucky enough to hear and see him some 55 yrs ago. What a night, I will never forget. Thank you Mr. Graham for allowing you public to witness and for you to share what God awarded you with. The gift of ministry.

  8. Meli says:

    Actually baptism shows your world and God that we are committed and obedient to God…like a wedding ring…

  9. Pat Simpson says:

    I would love to get updates about Billy and family. God bless the ministry!

  10. Susie Boleman says:

    Dr. Graham & his entourage were introduced into our lives when I was a child . I am now 60. My life’s dream has been to hold his hand. He’s so much like my Daddy, that I lost this past November. It may not be possible in this life, but it will in the next. I don’t feel worthy to ask, -but I just had to or wouldo ever wonder what it would be like to look in his eyes & feel affirmation after so long. If not, I will continue to pray for you & your family. Through His help, you did it all right-you’ll one day know what an inspiration you’ve been to so many. You have Joe Kinney hands & he was lead by your Lord & Savior. He did his best to emulate Christ-God bless you dearly-Susie Boleman

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