Packed and Ready – Anaheim 9-28-69

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  1. diamond Masih says:

    I like this program

  2. Thomas alexander says:

    I remember growing up setting with my mother and father watching Mr. Graham on t.v. It was a time for the word of God . It was a very important time in my childhood and reinforced my faith in Jesus Christ my Lord and savior. We All continue to need Mr. Grahams reinforcement so please Keep playing those t.v. messages> They will never be out of date ! This country must return to God in our schools and our lives. God bless Billy Graham and God Bless America!

  3. Boderick Hutchinson says:

    I love hearing The Great Billy Graham speak… Enjoy his powerful words from God.

  4. Nicholas Scott says:

    Sometimes, I worry that I will be left behind. What should I be doing?

    1. Tina says:

      (: Believe in Jesus, Ask for Forgiveness when you do Something Wrong, and Keep on Believing in Him. (:

  5. Ravinder says:

    I like billh graham massages

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