How to Live the Christian Life

53:52   •   February 15, 2014

Billy Graham preaches an important sermon on what it truly means to live the Christian life. Musical guest Ethel Waters. George Beverly Shea sings. – New York 8/3/57

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  1. Mark Pedersen says:

    God is willing
    Am I?
    Yes Lord Jesus I am willing
    Yes Father I lay down my life at the foot of the cross
    I will I will. I will
    I will follow You
    Wherever You go I will go whether I feel like it or not.

  2. shirley edun says:

    such a powerful message. I bless the name of the Lord for the wisdom he has offered through his vessel Billy Graham.

  3. maria barrow says:

    Very enlightening

  4. Prabhakar says:

    Very awesome message, he talks about the real christian life and how it should be. I really touched and warned .
    Thank you!

  5. Manojabasingh Russaliah says:

    Thank you for uploading this video. I know from my dad that Billy Graham Came to my part of the country (Madras and Travancore) in 1956 and brought many people to Christ and many evangelistic and missionary organizations . In my view this is a fundamental message for all and I will kepp on watching it and live according to that

    Thank you

  6. Dorothy Singleton says:

    I want to thank you so much for the Billy Graham classic I watch often. It is a constant source of comfort and spiritual renewing. My prays are with you all.

  7. Deborah Monks says:

    I seek as much information as I can get on walking the path with God in my heart and soul.

  8. Cynthia Yakima says:

    I rededicated my life to Jesus several yrs ago. I’ve thought I’ve been growing thru Christ. But watching this video of Billy Graham, I realize that I have let worldly things interfere with my growth. I love to read, I like to watch tv. I sometimes become deeply doused over aspects of my life, other times I am filled with joy and faith. I don’t go to church because the only one I found that I felt warmth and welcome is Pentecostal and I don’t share their beliefs. Even when I feel down, I smile at people, greet them, sometimes share my faith, give a helping hand, give money to someone who need it more than I and these things make me feel good, feel the Holy Spirit. But other times I let my doubts and depression take over and complain about things. I realize now that I have allot of growing to do. I am asking the Lord to help me overcome my weaknesses. Thank you, Billy Graham. And thank you, Lord, for your grace and sacrifice. Amen

  9. Ch.Ruben says:

    The services in Billygraham nagar to thanks to the Rev.Billy graham

  10. Walter Pitt says:

    How to Live the Christian Life rings so true to my life. The message was given 3 years before my birth but rings so true today & forever. Thank you for providing these services.

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