How to Live the Christian Life

53:52   •   February 15, 2014

Billy Graham preaches an important sermon on what it truly means to live the Christian life. Musical guest Ethel Waters. George Beverly Shea sings. – New York 8/3/57

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  1. Mary brown says:

    I love to listen to Paster Billy Graham every night before I go to sleep.

  2. Greg Pendleton says:

    I have just listened to Mr. Graham’s sermon from 1957 in Madison Square Garden on How to live the Christian Life. I have been a servant of the Lord for 45 years now and I think this is the most powerful sermon I’ve ever heard. I listened on YouTube. Where could I possibly buy a DVD or CD of this that I might share it with others?
    Thank you, Greg Pendleton in east Tennessee

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi, Greg. We’re checking on this for you and will email you back.

  3. Stephanie Bunts says:

    Please repost the video “How to Live the Christian Life”. I have it bookmarked and often listen to it while I’m working. It’s a wonderful and powerful message.

  4. JOHN HOLST says:

    It was my honor to personally meet many times with Billy Graham back stage the week of November 22, 1973 as a college newspaper reporter at the St. Louis Arena Crusade. Born a raised a Lutheran, Mr. Graham moved me to discover what a personal relationship was all about by bringing me forward on his birthday, November 7th to be born again by my commitment to belong to Jesus for the rest of my life. Jesus has not only saved me from the death of my sins but over 300 times God has saved my life here on earth. Recently, I was again saved from death’s door step by a full recovery from a hypertensive emergency with a brain bleed back in November of last year. Billy’s family and mission has always been in my prayers since meeting him. Thank you!

  5. Christy Ascencio says:

    Love the sermons. Love it all.

  6. Wairimu MUITA says:

    I’d be most grateful if you’d kindly send me BGEA updates. W. Muita, Nairobi

    1. BGEA says:

      Hello. You can sign up for them here:

  7. Dan Watt says:

    I feel God talking to me

  8. Brian Hoefs says:

    Dear BGEA Ministry Team,
    These televised programs are very inspirational and powerful. I have watched 6 of them so far and I can sense something taking place in my heart and mind. I know it is the Holy Spirit at work. I know this will not happen in a short while but I am excited it is happening. I will repent and accept JESUS CHRIST as my LORD and SAVIOR. Nothing else in this life can save me but JESUS CHRIST. Thank God for Billy Graham and the rest of you at BGEA. May God Bless each and everyone one of you. Thank You. Brian Hoefs

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