We never know what we truly believe until it’s a matter of life and death. Billy Graham, along with a firefighter and a young woman forced to face the reality of death, share the Gospel message, and what really happens when we die.

Heaven 28:39

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As a special thank you for your support for the global ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, we’d like to send you this month’s special gift “Heaven” a new film with a never-before-released message from Billy Graham. Millions of people across the globe are still waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. We need partners like you who will pray fervently and give generously.

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  1. Jeffrey Lewis Black says:

    Thanks for your ministry, which I have followed for years. We continue to pray for you all!

  2. Mary Ann Rosser says:

    This video was very tastefully done…but then again all of the BGEA ministry is very cautious to make sure these segments are of high quality. Thank you Billy Graham for your life, the impact you have had on so many other peoples’ lives…and even mine. We are thankful God gave you to us or many would not have known…..

  3. Diana L. Mills says:

    Dear Billy Graham,
    I just want to say thank you for being obedient to God’s calling in your life. Thank you for leading millions of people on Earth to the Father and guiding them to Jesus….God’s only Son. Heaven is there and waiting for those of us who have accepted him as our Lord and Savior. You are and were chosen by God to show the world God’s Word. Thank you and may the first person you see in Heaven be that of our Lord Jesus Christ with His arms opened wide for you. Thank you for sharing Jesus the way you do in your life. God so loves you ever so much….but you already know that.
    Thank you always,
    Diana L. Mills
    John 3:16

  4. Tara Ross says:

    I loved the Heaven movie, and I Love,Love, Love Billy Graham and Franklin Graham and what God is doing thru them to reach the lost. I try to support you when I can with funds because Love the lost too, because we are all important to Our Great Lord, and He loves us all so very much.

  5. Lenora Wilton says:

    It was always a comfort to see you meeting with our American and world leaders. I pray they continue to listen to the Word through your son Franklin. Glory be to God the Father, God the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and Saviour, and the Holy Spirit.

  6. Frank V Romano says:

    This movie, enforces the lives of the believers, that one day we will eat at HIS table, eating the
    Bread of Life. Thank you.

  7. Ann Marie Mulvena says:

    I just watched your video Heaven.I want and need so much to find and feel that Love and Serenity in my heart.

  8. Beth Wingo says:

    I will share this with my 93 year old father, Howard Shuford, who prays for Billy Graham each night. Dr. Graham has certainly been the servant of the Lord. Thank you for this message “Heaven”.

  9. Kathy Tapscott says:

    I thank God that Franklin Graham made a public stand against the Muslim prayer in the National Cathedral. How will people know unless they hear the truth. I have heard that when a Muslim prays in a church, they are claiming that that church will become a Muslim place of worship. May God help us and turn the hearts of Americans back to Him. God bless this ministry.

    1. Deborah says:

      Amen! Unbelievably, I didn’t hear any other so called Christians besides Franklin Graham & Bill Keller speak out about this abomination to America! Every single person that calls themself a Christian should have been screaming from the rooftops!!! Accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior & heeding 2nd Chronicles 7.14 is Americas only hope!!

  10. Gail Scheirbeck says:

    Thank you for your dedication to Jesus’ message. I came to your site tonight after hear my dear Sister’s words of a dying Grandmother still horribly abusing her daughter and her grandchildren. My Sister weeps for her unsaved Grandmother and mother. She dispares for the pain each carries. Please pray for them. I will give her this site. With God’s great mercy, it will help.

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