Gospel Graffiti – Bridge To Life

03:42   •   February 17, 2012

What happens when Graffiti and The Gospel collide? Features – DJ Promote and Fasm. Produced by – The Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc. to paint the Gospel in graffiti form for a video project dubbed “Bridge to Life”.


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  1. Barbara Kersey says:


  2. Joyce Provost says:

    God is mighty in any battle of the Redeemed. As He declares in His Word: when the enemy comes in like a flood: The spirit of God will raise up a standard against him. Amen.

  3. Rebecca forrester says:

    Amen and praise The Lord Almighty for He is great

  4. Judy C Hilpl says:

    Thank you.


    Thank you for continuing to deliver the Gospel, without Jesus Christ in our life, there would not be any place to turn for strength to get through each day. Our Nation is in dire trouble and I personally believe The DECISION TOUR 2016 made a sufficient difference in the election results. I just pray that Donald Trump, our president elect fulfills his promises. We desperately need to continue praying for him and all his cohorts. THANKS AGAIN

  6. Donna Brink says:

    Our GOD is so much GOOD!

    1. Linda Clark says:

      Love this

  7. Chris Brynes says:

    Thank all of you for all you do.

  8. Shirley Thompson says:

    Thank you for your ministry and all you do to reach people for Jesus. You are a beacon of light in this world to turn people towards the light. I get afraid of what’s happening in this world and then I remind myself that God is in control and that helps me.

  9. Margie Maillard says:

    I read that ad about how credit cards are going to do our country in and it’s not far from the truth. I pray and cry out to the Lord every day for our country. So I’m trusting the Lord that he will make a way where there seems no way!! Praise God.

  10. Brandilynn says:

    My life story the one I lived and have been redeemed was in conjunction with graffiti, gangs and violence.

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