Franklin Graham Prayer Alert: Will You Pray for New Zealand This Weekend?

00:44   •   November 15, 2022

Franklin Graham’s God Loves You Tour is in New Zealand, with one stop left in the metropolitan city of Auckland on Saturday.

“We want the people of New Zealand to know that Jesus Christ is alive, He’s here today, and He’ll come into each and every heart that is willing to accept Him by faith,” Graham said.

The tour stopped in Christchurch last weekend and in the capital of Wellington on Wednesday. Hundreds decided to follow Christ, including one man who jumped out of his seat to come down front in response to the Gospel message. “It was sort of like I’d been given exactly what I was wanting, something I’d been yearning for my whole life,” he explained.

Will you pray for the thousands more who will hear Good News in Auckland—that they, too, will have a personal encounter with Jesus?

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