52:39   •   February 15, 2014

Billy Graham preaches on the precious gift of forgiveness. – Denver 7/22/87


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  1. Rebecca Sue Wilson says:

    I enjoy the broadcast so much. The forgiveness sermon blessed me. I feel peace, joy and encouragement as I listen. I appreciate your ministry. Thanks so much!

  2. Linda Taylor says:

    Thanks be to God.


    This platform is a blessing to me indeed. i really wish i can have written sermoms on Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT for effective evangelism…i need written sermons on spiritual gifts

    1. BGEA says:

      Matthew, there are some articles about the Holy Spirit here: Or some audio sermons here:

      And here’s more info on spiritual gifts:

  4. Flycka Haskins says:

    I attended this crusade in 1987 along with my mother and father who are now with God in Heaven. We traveled from Illinois just to be a part of this crusade. We watched them for years on television. Even though we were saved and went to church every Sunday, we went forward at the end to rededicate our lives. It is one of the most beautiful, and memorable experiences in my life. Praise Jesus!

  5. Kimi says:


    1. Robert Soakai says:

      Glory to God

  6. Randel says:

    God Bless And Keep Billy & Franklin Graham

  7. Valeriy Beknazarov says:

    God bless Billy Graham.

  8. Marti Grunder says:

    I could sit and watch these sermons over and over again.

  9. Steve Glick Sr says:

    I was one of your volunteers at the Mile High Crusade in 1987. The training prior to the Crusade was an incredible experience plus having lunch the last day of the training with Dr. Graham, Johnny Cash and Tom Landry. The Crusade was a once in a lifetime experience. Ministering to the people sharing about Christ is beyond words. I’m forever grateful for that experience and the memories. I still slip and fall but the Lord reaches down with a loving hand and helps me up again… May the Lord continue to bless your ministering to a lost world… God Bless you all

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