TV SPECIALFlying Blind

Four people face the inevitable consequence of ignoring life’s warning signs. Watch what happens when God breaks through their blind spots–and be challenged by a compelling message from Franklin Graham.

Flying Blind 28:30


Billy Graham was one of the first evangelists to use the power of media to reach the lost with the Gospel. BGEA airs numerous programs each year on TV and Radio. By donating to our television and radio ministries, you will advance the Gospel both stateside and internationally through programs such as the Hour of Decision and our monthly television specials.

As a special thank you for your support, we’d like to send you the DVD, “Flying Blind” from Franklin Graham.

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Flying Blind

Flying Blind is a program about sin, conviction and the true redemption found only through Jesus Christ.

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  1. Betty Lemaster says:

    I enjoy reading answers to letters people write to Brother Franklin Graham. He is a great blessing to me. I wish to receive his news from other people he helps lead to God.

  2. Allen Vickers says:

    I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

  3. Irene Smith says:

    Powerful message—”Flying Blind.”

  4. Joann fout says:

    You sent us the book, Joni, without our asking for it. The next year our 14-year-old son broke his neck and became quadriplegic. We praise God for preparing us for the years to follow.

  5. William bogert says:

    Listening to Billy on Sirius XM channel 145 and enjoying it.

  6. Shan-Yee Poon says:

    “Flying Blind” was an absolutely powerful film—so well-made, so well-told, so impactful. It really hits home that we continuously ignore the warning signs of life until we get into the danger zone where it may be too late to get out in one piece to safety.
    Thank you for how much you care to warn us. I pray that this film will touch many lives and many will come to repent and ask Jesus to come to live in their hearts, and that He will be their personal Savior and Lord of their lives. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!

  7. Dilip Chhetri says:

    I appreciate very much the timely warning message. God bless the BGEA ministry!

  8. SteveZill says:


  9. Stanley & Judy Whiteway says:

    Very moving and excellently done. I pray it will change many lives.

  10. Sharon Davis says:

    I love Jesus and I love Billy Graham.

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