Emotional Moments from Billy Graham’s Funeral Service

04:22   •   March 3, 2018

World Leaders, friends, and family gathered for a service of worship to celebrate Billy Graham’s life and most importantly, his Savior Jesus Christ.

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  1. William McKeeva Bush OBE JP MLA says:

    Billy Graham—a great man of God.

  2. Carolyn trussell says:

    Billy Graham was truly a child of God.

  3. Juan Madera says:

    I have been blessed and deeply touched by the life and death of Billy Graham, a servant of my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. I will meet him in heaven. May the Lord bless his family and legacy. Hallelujah!

  4. jeremiah johnson says:

    I wish I was older to have known more about Billy Graham.

  5. Kent Prater says:

    I can only imagine that Jesus is about ready to return. Over the last couple of years Jerry Falwell, Bill Bright, and now Billy Graham have all been called home. These men have probably led more to Christ over their lifetimes than any other generation. I can only say that it is getting close and I thank God for Billy and his service to God.

  6. John Cannefax says:

    No, Mr. Graham was not God, but he showed us how we could make ourselves right with God through His Son, Jesus. Thank you for your relentless effort to teach us the way.

  7. Anita McKnight says:

    Thank you, Jesus, for Billy Graham.

  8. Delray Shaffer says:

    Thank you for being a faithful witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Your humble spirit and bold faith will be an example forever.

  9. Wade vargo says:

    I wish I had seen him in person. I’ve heard of Mr. Graham my whole life, as well as Jesus Christ.

  10. Patricia Wilkens says:

    Thank you so much for your ministry and love for God.

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