54:52   •   August 30, 2012

Tim Devon didn’t find out until he was 18-years-old that he was illegitimate. In a rage, using his high school graduation money, Tim leaves his Los Angeles home in search of his father, with only a name, and the city of Amsterdam as clues. Like some young people who land in a foreign city with meager funds for support, he is reduced to thieving on the streets, finally becoming a pusher for a drug dealer and becoming hooked on drugs himself. Tim encounters a single caring person. They are strangers from different worlds…but a friendship forged out of danger and desperation links them together forever.

Starring John Shepherd, Amerjit Deu, and Alex Tettehlarty. With Jill Ireland, Frederik de Groot, Marnix Kappers, Kimberly Simms and Hans Kemna. Produced by Jerry Ballew. Executive Producer William F. Brown. Written and Directed by James F. Collier. Music score by Ted Neeley.