Billy Graham’s Message from Central Park

35:01   •   April 18, 2020

Over six-plus decades of ministry, Billy Graham spent much time in New York City and shared his love for its people during a 1991 Crusade in Central Park.

Though “the city that never sleeps” is a wonderful melting pot of culture and innovation, he told the crowd of 250,000, there’s also a spiritual darkness. On September 22, 1991, almost 10 years to the day prior to the attacks of 9/11, Mr. Graham shared one of the most familiar passages in the Bible, John 3:16—the Gospel in a nutshell.

As the city faces a new wave of anxiety, loss and suffering through COVID-19, some New Yorkers are seeing a hunger for God in the midst of darkness.

Share this message from Billy Graham with others who may be seeking—and let them know how much God loves them, even when life is unpredictable.