Billy Graham: 5 Ways You Can Help Our Nation in Crisis

03:30   •   November 2, 2022

On Dec. 31, 1975, Billy Graham delivered a New Year’s Eve message that is just as relevant today as we near the end of 2022—and face another election season.

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“There’s no doubt that many are confused, discouraged, cynical, afraid, and disillusioned,” Billy Graham said as America prepared to celebrate its 200th year. The late evangelist commented on the uncertainty, brokenness, and civil unrest plaguing the United States.

“Will America turn to God at this late hour, or will America continue on the broad road that leads to destruction? … There is no possible solution to the problems we face apart from a change in the spiritual atmosphere.”

So what can you do? Watch as Billy Graham offers five practical ways to help turn the tide of this nation—including getting involved in the political process.

“If you will do these things, you could have a part in helping America be the kind of country you want for your children and grandchildren,” he said. “America is too young to die.”

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