TV SPECIALA Time For Decision

Go behind the scenes with Franklin Graham as he journeys to every state capital in America on the historic Decision America Tour. See thousands of your fellow citizens be inspired to pray, vote and engage—and hear Franklin Graham’s timely message for our country.


A Time For Decision 28:30

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Decision America Tour

Decision America Tour

Franklin Graham is traveling to all 50 states to hold prayer rallies and preach the Gospel.

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  1. Sally says:

    My daughter is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, however, I am concerned about some of the things she is starting to believe in. She is convinced the world is flat even though I have given her some Bible verses that show it to be a globe, that space is a lie and NASA a bigger lie and all space travel is made up and that no one has ever been to the moon. That we believe those things because we have been taught them. I am at a loss to give her facts. She believes the earth is round but a flat round like a clock. Can you offer me any advise as to how to answer her? She has also bought into the Bush Mafia that is on the web and that 9/11 was not terrorism but our own government creation. Thank you

  2. Helen Harris says:

    I enjoy the programs and the website

  3. Brent Lorenz says:

    I really enjoy watching the Billy Graham Crusades. It’s a real blessing to be seeing and watching Billy Graham. He is an inspirational speaker that I can listen to all day long. I really enjoy listening to hit the sermon that Billy Graham does. I enjoy the songs on the Billy Graham Crusades.

  4. says:

    god bless America

  5. Glenn Y. Yamasaki says:

    King Lord Shepherd Jesus Christ is the King of God’s Kingdom. The Bible says Matthew 6:33 ” Seek first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness and all other thing will be add to you. The Principles for the Founding of America are glorious! Seeking first God’s Kingdom then all other Principalities (America) will follow. There existed a Kingdom of God during the time of Moses, and one day God’s Kingdom will rule over this Earth. The Bible does not lie! Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

  6. Herbert Nixon says:

    Pray for the city of Charlotte during this time of trouble and violence that has sweft the city.

Decision America Tour