A Rockin’ Festival in Warsaw Draws Massive Crowds

06:32   •   June 20, 2014

The Franklin Graham Festival in Warsaw, Poland, was both a historic and unprecedented event. Watch highlights from that event, which changed the lives of hundreds of people.

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  1. Miriam Wert says:

    There is nothing more beautiful and awesome than seeing people come to Christ. Thank God for this Graham family which carries on in the second generation what Billy started so many years ago. I pray for those in other countries who accept Christ and pray that we in the U. S. will do this also.

  2. Mona C. Rioux says:

    Praise the Lord for His mercies to us. Thank you Franklin for carrying on the work. I will send this to Polish friend here in Florida. Thank you foryour faithfulness. Mona Rioux

  3. Dianne Castle says:

    We need so much more of this kind of witnessing all over the country to lead and not be sheep,while our government gives away our rights that In God we trust gave to us..Our Country will perish without God’s blessings..Please keep this going and going and going…

  4. Sharon Hansen says:

    Wonderful! Shared on Facebook and Twitter.

  5. Mary jLewis says:

    These videos took me back to Tempe, AZ, at ASU, when a very nice guy took me to the Billy Graham Crusade…..That day my journey with the Lord started..He never let me go….even tho I stumbled around for several years…..God still had His hand on my life…..Awesome to watch! Thank you for sharing!!

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