Why Understand Revelation?

By   •   September 17, 2009

Wilton says it is critical that Christians understand the book of Revelation. “We are living in an increasing tumultuous and difficult world. Lines are being drawn between what God’s word teaches us and the secular approach to understand this world based on man’s ability.”

He also describes Revelation as “a window to God’s plan for the world,” having spent many years studying this book as a chronological presentation of God’s revelation in Jesus.

He gives a number of reasons why it is important for Christians to understand the book of Revelation:

  • It provides ultimate assurance of salvation in Christ.
  • It develops a renewed passion for evangelism. “When Jesus Christ said ‘go into the world and reach the gospel, baptizing all nations,’ one cannot study this book and not have a deep and abiding passion to reach neighbors for Christ.”
  • It creates an understanding that our salvation is at work in us throughout our daily lives, here on earth. “Romans 8:28 tells us that God is working all things together for the good of those that love Him.” Even when we don’t necessarily see Him at work, He is working behind the scenes.
  • It allows us a view of the world from God’s perspective. “Lots of people are discouraged. At the heart of their discouragement, people are looking for something bigger than all of this. The answer lies at the foot of the Cross.”

“A summary of this book can be summarized in a quick phrase,” said Wilton. “Jesus Christ was, is and will be victorious. Bottom line: God wins!”

The goal of the seminar is for the attendees to leave with a renewed sense of encouragement, sense of God’s purpose for their lives, an excitement to study God’s Word and a renewed sense of passion for the lost.

“When the people leave the Cove when the weekend is over, I want them to have a peace and a joy.”

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