Why I Give to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

By   •   August 19, 2020

Franklin Graham has led the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as president and CEO since the early 2000s. “Franklin Graham is different from Billy, but the [Gospel] message is always the same,” one donor said.

Responding to natural disasters. Answering spiritual questions online. Training believers to reach their communities for Christ.

These are just a few of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s (BGEA) Gospel-centered efforts that wouldn’t be possible without your prayers and support.

Meet a few donors helping us fulfill God’s command to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

Debbie Troutman

Favorite BGEA memory: Volunteering at the Billy Graham Library with her husband, Pete.

“It is wonderful. We get to do something we both enjoy, and we come away so blessed. Usually in the car our first question to each other is, ‘What happened to you today?’ or ‘Who did you meet that was interesting?’ … The whole world walks past you, [so] it’s almost like foreign missions without leaving Charlotte.”

Why I give: “The ministry is so effective, Kingdom-wise. … I believe if you are serving in a ministry where you know the integrity level and the use of the money is most effective, you should also be willing to donate what the Lord’s given to you. You can ascertain that they’re being good stewards, so we want to be good stewards.”

Margaret Anderson

Favorite BGEA memory: Billy Graham’s 1971 Crusade in Dallas, Texas.

“I was a believer at the time, but I hadn’t had a personal relationship with God for too long. … I remember Billy Graham prayed that God would hold the rain off. I’ll never forget this. It rained all around the stadium, but it did not rain inside that stadium. … It really touched me.”

Why I give: “God has given us a commission to tell the whole world about Him so that people can have a relationship with Him. … People don’t know they can have a personal relationship with Him. It’s really awesome when you have it.”

James Oldham

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