When There’s Nowhere Else to Turn

By   •   April 26, 2012

Alcoholism, anger, abandonment.

People are finding PeaceWithGod.net when they don’t know where else to turn. One Brazilian man from New York found the site while struggling with his anger and searching for peace. “I was amazed how everything spoke to me,” he said.

PeaceWithGod.net is an evangelism tool used by BGEA’s Search for Jesus ministry, which aims to share the Gospel using online evangelism and discipleship. The message remains the same, but how and when people are reached varies.

A woman from Canada who regularly follows the Billy Graham ministry came across PeaceWithGod.net while coping with an alcoholic spouse who is having a negative impact on her son. PeaceWithGod.net was there to help her focus on God at a time when she was down and discouraged.

The ministry’s ability to reach people virtually anywhere in their time of need – and then to follow up with new believers – has put it on the cutting edge of evangelism. Through PeaceWithGod.net, people are coming to Christ or recommitting their lives to Him every day. They need strength to face their problems, assurance that God loves them or something to fill the emptiness inside. One by one, they find PeaceWithGod.net and commit to a personal relationship with their Savior.

“I have been depressed for a long time,” a 42-year-old Florida man writes. “When I searched online for wanting to die, your site came up and I read the prayer [of salvation]. For the first time in over 10 years, tears came from my eyes. I knew.”

Other site visitors have also expressed suicidal thoughts, but found life instead.

A woman from Washington said the site helped her admit “that Jesus knows and cares, that I don’t have to run from Him.” A man who survived the Costa Concordia shipwreck in Italy was also encouraged by the message.

“I couldn’t have clicked on this at a better time,” a Texas woman said after finding PeaceWithGod.net. “It was relieving to read after what I’ve been through.”

After getting a new phone, the woman found the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association app, where she then came across PeaceWithGod.net. She was already a Christian, but recommitted her life to Christ.

“A month ago, my dad was admitted into the hospital and started on dialysis, then a week later was given a quadruple bypass,” she said. “In all that, I separated from my fiancé of nearly four years.”

The woman has four children and a grandchild. Though overwhelmed, she said she refuses to give up.

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“I’m only 12 and I’m trying to come closer to God and let Him into my heart even though He is already in it. I’m also trying to learn more and be closer to Him. I try to tell people about God, but they just laugh and call me weird. But that don’t stop me from believing.”
– United States

“I now understand that it is only by the blood of Jesus I am saved.”
– United States

“I have gotten off track. … I need Jesus.”
– United States

“I am 28-years old and have five children. … My whole life is falling apart. I really need Christ in my life. Without Him, I’m nothing.”
– UK

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