Billy Graham’s Advent Devotion, Week 4: Christ Comes in Our Darkest Hour

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Are in the middle of your darkest hour? Billy Graham’s fourth Advent meditation focuses on the light of Christ.

Week Four: Starting December 24

For this week heading into Christmas, read Luke 2:11, 13-14.

The greatest sermon ever preached was delivered by angels on this historic night. It has always been interesting to me that this message was delivered at night. It wasn’t night because the sun had gone down. It was night because the world was surrounded in spiritual and moral gloom.

People were driven by greed, intolerance and lust for power. Religion had become a device for the rich in the exploitation of the poor. Men robbed and swindled and profiteered under the cloak of religion; they even fought wars in the name of religion. In every arena of life, it was night when Jesus came.

Things haven’t changed. Today, there seems to be a moral night that has settled over our world—sexual immorality, pleasure-mad people, lusting for money and power—the same as it was in the days when Jesus came 2,000 years ago.

It is in the darkest hour that Christ often comes. He brings the joy, the thrill, the peace and the glory such as you have never known—when you and your loved ones give your lives to Him.

How has Jesus shown Himself to you in your darkest hour? Reflect on this for Christmas.

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Have you given your life to Christ?


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  1. Danny says:

    In this time I believe we must stand together as a family and trust in the lord and pray for the poor and lonely, don't just pass them on the street stop and let them know that they are loved, show them the love of the lord that Jesus Showed you

  2. Larry in Chicagoland Illinois says:

    I have been going through terribly dark, dark times. Hard times, sickness in my family, sickness myself, even more. Hopeless tonight I prayed to Jesus and a voice said “all else is sinking ground.”I saw three lights .. “THE SOLID ROCK” is Jesus.

  3. Glen says:

    God looked down and had mercy that first Christmas night. For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that you through his poverty might be rich. 2nd Corinthians 8:9

  4. Annie says:

    My sister Mary Vasantha and her family always been with the Lord Jesus, but bit now it seems her and her family is straying from that path. Would you please pray for my sister and her family that they might return to the LORD. Thank you, Amen!

  5. Natasha says:

    This meditation helped me because my husband has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer, right before Christmas; it is a dark hour indeed. However, we are both believers, and I am holding onto Psalm 23.

  6. Annie says:

    My loving Heavenly Father, As I became Your child, through Jesus Christ, You will never leave me alone, to cope with fear and trouble. I HAVE NO NEED TO WORRY….., MY JESUS….., YOU ARE….., THERE….., I WILL TRUST IN YOU….., AMEN!!!

  7. Anthony says:

    Its sad how people sin on and on. I wish that there would be peace forever, and satan to die.

  8. Angie says:

    Amen Janice. Even within our own immediate families are the divisions seen clearer than ever. Those with Christ and compassion and those without. Seems we are having to make a choice between God and money.

  9. Tommy says:

    We look at our own time and think sin has grown. Sin in the world and evidence of humankind's fallen condition can be seen throughout history. Imagine the every day fear of being killed because you are a Christian. Every generation of Christians has looked for Jesus' bodily return to rescue them from the of sin of the world around them. I don't want to forget that He already rescued me on the cross. In a very real sense Christ is always coming. I know because not too long ago he was there with me in my darkest hour of despair. Jesus gives me peace, and He is always there whenever I need him.

  10. Janice says:

    In my lifetime, I have never seen the world so ugly with sin. The lust for power, the greed, the lack of compassion for the poor. The willingness to cast stones at people because they are financially poor and out of work. The rich want more than anything to become richer in this world's wealth. I believe Jesus will soon come back. We are so morally corrupt. Satan knows his time is short and he is working feverishly. Janice