Watch and Be Amazed

By   •   May 27, 2010

Read his remarks, welcoming the team to Belo Horizonte:

Because of a number of situations, we were not able to begin planning the Festival of Hope until January 4 of this year. We didn’t open the office until the first week of February. In four months, we have identified, recruited, trained and mobilized people in 800 churches.

This reminds me of a passage concerning the prophet Habakkuk. He is in despair wondering what’s going going on. He comes before the Lord and asks why He’s allowing all the injustice and poverty.

The Lord’s answer is amazing, and it describes where we are in Belo Horizonte. God told him to look at the vision, to watch and be amazed.

We’re amazed about what God is doing here. We need to look, watch and analyze. Some of us have a limted ability to pay attention. We look and we think we know what He is doing. He wants us to pay attention. Think about it. Realize it.

Now, we are realizing the vision. We have trained and mobilized 800 churches in just four months. We sent out 100,000 Operation Andrew cards, and 20,000 of them have returned with 7 names each on them. One church has prayed for 5,000 people. I even challenged the pastor to buy more seating, because that church is going to explode!

There is a lot of excitement here, and I know that God will honor the prayers of the people and their hard work over the past four months. We look forward to working with Franklin.

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Please join us in praying for the city of Belo Horizonte—that thousands here will accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Pray for Franklin Graham as he prepares his message, and for Festival logistics and finances.

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