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By   •   June 27, 2012

What happens when a 19-year-old single mom with no family support looks to God for answers? Or a young man in the military wonders if he should fear death? What happens when a middle-aged, self-reliant father finally seeks God’s guidance?

Whether curious, embarrassed or lacking others to talk to, thousands of people have turned to the Internet for answers and found the living Gospel—a place that shares the Good News through powerful video testimonies, Scripture about God’s love and a chance to chat with people about deep spiritual questions.

That place is PeaceWithGod.net, the first evangelistic website of BGEA’s Search for Jesus ministry.

“Thank you guys so much for helping me,” a 14-year-old from Florida wrote. “I know God is good and He is forever watching over me.”

One 12-year-old from Kansas said it’s been two years since she started deliberately hurting herself by cutting, a self-harmful behavior that many youth turn to as a way of coping with pain and frustration. “I know God loves me, but I don’t see why,” she wrote. “I’m useless. … I really do deserve the cuts.”

Through PeaceWithGod.net, the ministry shows the desperate, the hurting and the insecure that they can find peace and forgiveness through a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Through a series of Google campaigns and web pages that touch on everything from financial crisis to loneliness, PeaceWithGod.net meets people at their immediate needs and points them to their ultimate need, a relationship with Christ.

Only He can bring them lasting hope, free them from their sins and promise eternal life. Through hundreds of PeaceWithGod.net testimonies, it’s clear that God is at work in the ministry.

Take, for example, a man from Kenya who came across the website and rededicated his life to Christ.

“My life has changed, and spiritually, I can feel that the gap that was separating me from the Lord is getting narrower and narrower day after day,” he said. The man’s parents died when he was six months old, and although he doesn’t know their faces, he knows he has a heavenly Father who cares about him.

“I’ve been searching for peace with God for many years,” a 52-year-old man said. “I’ve been so stubborn and selfish over the years, [but] I’ve reached a point in my life where I want God to be in control.”

The man heard Billy Graham preach once and said he’ll never forget the message. In the late ’70s, someone gave him a book written by Graham.

“After reading it, … deep down, I knew I had to make a decision; however, I went my own way for many years, knowing that it was not what God wanted for me,” he said.

Now with two children and a wife who is a committed Christian, he said, “I do thirst for His love and security, and I do want to get back on track with a relationship with the Lord.”

Once people make a decision for Christ on PeaceWithGod.net, Search for Jesus is there to follow up with one-on-one online discipleship. The ultimate goal is to connect new or recommitted believers to local churches.

Search for Jesus launched its Spanish site, PazConDios.net, on June 14.

Would you like to volunteer to reach people for Christ online? Or get your church involved in discipling new Christians? Click here for more.


“Preparing for surgery and felt this prayer [of salvation] very timely and appropriate in my life. I want badly to live in God’s grace. I have a long way to go and changes to make. Thank you.”
– United States

“I have not ever come across a site like this, but I truly think it was a sign from God because I’m going through so much right now. But I trust in God.”
– Illinois, age 28

“I have just read this prayer for the first time and I feel like I am relieved from all of my sins. … It has really touched me and I am going to stick to doing good and try to avoid doing sinful things.”
– Location unknown

“This is my first time on this website. … It literally changed my life.”
– United States

“I feel good, as if the world was lifted from my shoulders. God is great; in Him I have faith.”
– UK

“I really believe this changed my life for the best. Thank you so much for putting this on here.”
– Arkansas, age 17

“Since I was raised in a Christian family, I thought that I was a Christian all my life. But, I’m just starting to realize that only through my own choice, not other people’s, that I can be a Christian.”
– Texas, age 29

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