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When Rapid Response Team chaplain Toni New began snapping photos Oct. 26 in a Haitian clinic, the lonely people basked in the attention she was giving them and broke into wide smiles. Toni asked Ricardo, a translator, to ask if the group of eight would like prayer.

All of the people raised their hands, then Toni asked if they would like to pray individually or as a group. The consensus was individual prayer.

Toni approached a woman who appeared to be older, asking her age. The answer was 45. She then asked the lady if she was a Christian; she was not. When Toni took the next step and asked the woman if she would like to receive Jesus, the answer was a resounding “yes.” That is when Toni led the woman in the sinner’s prayer and shared the plan of salvation with her.

As the two women chatted via the translator, Toni shared how she had been a Christian her whole life. “I hope that I can spend the rest of my life serving the Lord,” replied the Haitian woman. “But there is nothing here for me and I want to be in heaven with the Lord right now.”

Toni welcomed the woman to the family of God – and told her they were now sisters. “I am so glad you are part of my family,” the Haitian responded. “You have shown the people that you care about them and love them. That is why we all wanted prayer from you and wanted to receive the Jesus you have.”

Before Toni departed, the woman told her it meant so much to everyone that she spent time with them and tried to bring joy to their hearts.

“Whenever I look at your picture,” Toni replied, “I will pray for you.”

Are you sure of your salvation?

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  1. manny says:

    I thank God that Toni is used mightily by God to spread the Gospel in Haiti. I pray to God more annointing and more power, so that more souls be saved in Jesus Christ name Amen. God Bless Toni.

  2. Linda says:

    Toni is truly blessed in her work and so fortunate to be able to open-heartedly share. our Lord with so many people. She is also a blessing to those who are so much in need of Jesus.

  3. Louisa says:

    Thank you, Toni and Al, for being a part of this ministry, bringing the Gospel, hope and joy to the people of Haiti. We are praying for your spiritual and physical strength as you faithfully do God's work there. May you be blessed daily!

  4. Melissa says:

    Toni, only a person who loves Gods can have so much love and compassion for one another . May God continue to give you strenght and protection Toni as you carry the love of God to this hurting World

  5. jane says:

    Winning souls for Christ what a great privilege. It is such an encouragement. God bless you Toni!

  6. MARY says:

    “Lord, use this ministry mightily to bring salvation to all of Haiti” In Jesus” name AMEN

  7. Gladys says:

    What a beautiful story! Interesting what Christian love can do to those who have never heard before.! True love and compassion can do so much for a lost weary world. Hope for the hopeless, healing for the sick, and new joy for the opressed. Lord, show them your love and bless each one and all of them. Amen.

  8. SANDRA says:


  9. Robert says:

    The recent Tsunami in Indonesia along with the earthquake and volcanic eruption has taken life and caused a lot of damage and suffering. The people there need your prayers and help. If you really believe in your Maker, please pray for the World (and do remember me too), we are really in bad shape.