The My Hope Legacy

By As told by Ray Caggiano   •   July 7, 2009

Ray Caggiano, former Asia project director for this ministry, shares some of the most powerful stories from the field:

Making Disciples in India
India has many religions. A pastor who lives there was showing the My Hope program in his home. During the training, his housekeeper, who can’t read, was serving coffee and tea to the guests. She heard everything the pastor was saying. Compelled, she asked him whether she could invite some friends the following week. He agreed.

The next week, 15 of her friends showed up. They were maids, street sweepers, and other poor working people – like her. Upon watching the program, all of them accepted Christ! They wanted to come back the following week. And then the next week, and so on. The housekeeper asked the pastor to teach her, so she could teach the new converts.

That same woman continues to minister to these friends. Disciples are being made this very moment, all because a woman decided to invite some of her friends to a My Hope program showing.

A Rice Farmer Sows Seeds of Salvation
In another place, there is a rice farmer we (a team of us from My Hope) visited. In this particular place, a rice farmer is at the low-end of the economical rung. We went into his home and saw no furniture. Not even a chair. It was a one-room house with a small cooking area at the back. The only other object he had in his home was a 13-inch television.

He invited his friends (there were eight) and us to sit on the blanketed floor. He served food and began showing the program DVD. Two people prayed to receive Christ that evening. Two people might not sound like much, but this is the ninth event like this that this man had hosted.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results
Over the years, regular people have been inspired by God – through My Hope – to do great things. I would encourage anyone to pray for and give financial support to something like this, because it really works. The results speak for themselves.

I know the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association publishes response results as soon as we have those numbers. For us, it’s important to know these numbers so we can measure – as human beings in our finiteness – to see whether we are being effective.

But, heaven knows that there are literally millions that we’ve recorded – and there are millions we have not recorded, because this legacy continues, even after we have left that country. Heaven rejoices because of this.

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