The Healing Touch of Jesus

By   •   October 24, 2010

Nakamura was among more than 3,200 women—and men—who gathered for a special Ladies Service that was part of the Kansai Franklin Graham Festival. By the end of the morning, 115 people prayed for a touch of Jesus, many for the first time.

Dr. Cunville, an Associate Evangelist with the BGEA, told of the woman who never lost hope in the midst of her suffering, and how her life changed when she met Jesus Christ. “The Bible says she was confident that with just one touch, she would be healed.”

“Many of you are here today because you are suffering,” said Cunville. “You have come here in the midst of all you are facing to seek God. Today, if you reach out your hand to Him, you’ll experience peace and joy in your life. Your sins will be forgiven. Say ‘yes’ to Jesus.”

Emcee Mori Yuri, whose parents had accepted Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade many years ago, also spoke of God’s healing touch. “I lost many family members in the Kobe earthquake and lost my voice. But God changes everything. He loves us, understands us, and encourages us.”

Many women at the service were visibly moved. Hitomi Sumito said she found Dr. Cunville’s message “very tender and I was not afraid to meet Jesus anymore.” She described how sad she is that she cannot meet a husband at the age 36. “Many men do not want to get married. A lot of them just focus on their jobs or stay too close to their parents and don’t leave.”

Putting her hand over her heart, Sumito said, “But now I have a home with Jesus in here.”

Are you sure of your salvation?

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  1. shehzad khan says:

    i want to go america for meet dr. billy graham

  2. Janean says:

    Healing is of Mind, Body and Soul. My husband had a 5 by-pass surgery on Oct. 30, 2008. He went in at 6 a.m. that morning. Surgery went well but he had to go in for a 2nd surgery because of some bleeding. They came and told us everything went well and was stable. They also told us that his heart stopped for 10 minutes. After the doctors left, I went right to the hospital chapel. I prayed my heart out to God. Telling him that my husband was still needed down here to help spread his word. I was in that Chapel everyday until he was able to come home. Well, my husband was in that hospital for 7 weeks. He came home, Dec. 17, 2008, the week before Christmas that year. He is however, partially blind but doing well. He does get upset because of his eye sight but he is still alive and I praise God every day for that.I remember him saying he was sorry that he couldn't vote that year.We also belong to the Order of St. Luke Healing Ministry. We do belive in the healing power of our Lord and Savior. I am giving a sermon at my church on Sunday for the first time ever. As we say, I am stepping out of my box. I finished a lay speaker course with the church. Evangelism is my gift and I will say something about it. Please pray for me.