‘The Cross’ Helps Boy Meet Heavenly Father

By   •   November 9, 2013

Jaden, 12, of Marion, Ohio, knew he was lost—orphaned, in a sense—and he needed somewhere to turn.

So, he picked up the phone.

He had just watched the My Hope program “The Cross,” and dialed the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association call center, where volunteers donate their time to answer the calls from people searching for spiritual answers.

“His voice was quivering. I could sense the sadness in his tone. It touched me so much,” said Judy Turner, the volunteer that took his call. “He just simply told me he was lost.”

When Judy asked Jaden where he thought he would go when he died, Jaden said, “I am probably going to hell because I don’t have Jesus.”

At that moment, Judy knew God had ordained her to be at the call center for Jaden.

She spent a long time with him—much longer than usual—because she sensed in her spirit that he needed as much time as it took.

After Judy talked through the Gospel with Jaden, it became clear that he thoroughly understood what Jesus did for Him. He prayed, trusting Christ as his Savior.

“When he prayed, he acknowledged that he is not good enough, but that Jesus is,” recalled Judy. “He said, ‘Jesus, I trust that Your blood paid for my sins in full.’ He was so happy.”

After he prayed, the conversation took an unexpected turn.

Jaden asked, “Would you pray for my dad? He is in prison.”

According to Jaden, his father is currently serving a 21-year jail sentence. Jaden is just 12 years old, but his dad has been in prison for most of those years.

“This broke my heart,” said Judy. The Holy Spirit prompted Judy to share Psalm 27:10, which promises that God cares for us, even in the absence of our parents.

“I told him that the Lord will be real to him, and that He will be a father to him—even when his earthly father is in prison,” she said. “I am overwhelmed that God would touch a heart like that and give a child saving faith. Through ‘The Cross,’ God gave him the courage to call and talk to a stranger about his soul.”

As the conversation continued, Jaden offered a quick testimony of God’s faithfulness in his hardships: “This is how I know Jesus is real—we were homeless for a while. I prayed, and He helped us find a place to live.”

Judy then assured him that he always has a place to call ‘home’ in God’s Kingdom.

“Well, now you have two houses,” Judy said. “You have your house in Ohio, and your mansion in heaven. Jesus is preparing a place for you there. You’ll never be homeless again!”

Before Judy ended the call, she offered Jaden one last word of encouragement.

“Remember this day, Jaden. Mark it down on your calendar, and celebrate it every year. This is the day God has welcomed you into His family.”

Then, she reminded him that not only does he have an active, loving Father, but that he has brothers and sisters around the world.

“Jaden, when we get to heaven, let’s look for each other,” she said. “We will worship Jesus forever—together.”

Jaden replied, “I definitely will. I can’t wait!”

Find TV listings of “The Cross,” at www.watchbillygraham.com

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  1. carine says:

    wow, amazing story! Jesus is so real and so awesome, I love him so very much, i thank HIM for dying on the cross and I thank him for our BIG family! I can not wait to see you all in heaven, soon!!a big GOD BLESS YOU from NORWAY!

  2. Carol says:

    Thank you for sharing this devine appointment and loving care that Judy showed this precious new child in God's kindom . We'll all pray for him too!

  3. Mo says:

    Thank you Judy for going above and beyond for this young man. Thank you Jaden for calling and asking for help to understanding our Lord and Saviour.Jaden as you go into your teen years and into adulthood God will always be with you, he loves you.

  4. Shirl says:

    This is an awesome story. May God bless those involved. Praise God for giving Jaden the connections he needed. I've loved Billy Graham since I was a little girl, and watched him on TV with my mother, who is now deceased. God bless you all.

  5. Debbie says:

    I can see why this child called….the Holy Spirit is truly using Billy Graham again to speak to hearts. I sat and cried during the broadcast and I have been a Christian for 40 years! The Holy Spirit is all over this! Thank you God!

  6. Autumn says:

    Thank you Jesus for paying for our sins! May this child always know your love and may he spread your love to others!

  7. caty ramirez says:

    gracias a DIOS que ha puesto a estas personasen cadena de oracion

  8. Nora. says:

    How beautiful are the words of the Gospel! I was brought to Christ through the ministery of Billy Graham in the early ninties, very rough time in my life, thank God for being there ever since.

  9. Grace says:

    I Praise God Our Savior. Thank you for prayers Billy Graham .

  10. Suzanne says:

    Praising God for this great outcome from Billy Grahams speech!