Teaching Your Children Truth This School Year

By Janise Anderson   •   September 19, 2023

How can we prepare our children to navigate the increasingly secular culture around us?

“We live in a world where there is just mass confusion,” Cissie Graham Lynch said on her most recent Fearless podcast episode.

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Lynch, a mother of three, shared her concern over unbiblical worldviews permeating the classroom, affecting everything from biology textbooks to locker room policies. How can parents spiritually disciple their kids and lead their families in a way that honors God?

“We need to be intentional,” Lynch said, emphasizing the importance of spending time in Scripture as a family. “We need to have daily focus on training our children in God’s truth.”

Parenting in a world of gender confusion and rampant immorality isn’t easy, she said, but God’s Word provides both clarity and direction. By staying involved in children’s lives through open conversations and shared time in Scripture, we can equip them to follow God courageously—no matter the cost.

“We have the primary responsibility for the spiritual formation of our children,” Lynch said. “They are to be our first field of harvest.”