Sparking a Revival in Estonia

By   •   May 30, 2009

“We all search for personal happiness,” Franklin told Estonians. “We think if we have a lot of money, that it will make us happy. We think the latest fashions will make us look good and be happy – or a flat screen TV.”

Man is searching for happiness. You have a vacuum inside of you that can only be filled by God. God wants to give you joy. He wants to give you peace. But we have a problem – sin – and it separates us from God.

“If we are guilty, how can we be saved?” Franklin asked.

God gave his only begotten Son – whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life. God took your sins himself. He died and shed His blood on the cross – on the third day God raised his Son to life.

Tonight you can be forgiven. This young man was running – what are you running from?

The boy asked for his inheritance now and he took it and he ran and spent it on riotous living. “Maybe he went to Helsinki,” Franklin joked.

He probably spent it on drinking and drugs and girls. But the money ran out and his friends left him. When he ran out of food and began to starve, the boy returned to his father. He came to his senses.

“How about you tonight? You can come to your Father tonight. Come home tonight. You can still do it.”

More than 360 people did.

Michael W. Smith drew the biggest applause of all the musical guests. “Everyone come to the cross,” he sang. Universal appeal, that Smitty has!

His set was totally upbeat and everyone – moms and daughters alike – were dancing and singing along. I even noticed a few grandmothers up on their feet!

“Estonia,” Michael told the audience, “it is so good to be here! I have heard so much about you. Don’t forget tonight that God not only loves you, He likes you. He is fond of you and wants to be your Pop.”

The whole arena sang along and clapped to “How Great is Our God” – even people who didn’t understand English.

How great God is!!

You Can Accept Christ Too
Just like the hundreds in Estonia, you too can accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Follow the Steps to Peace and make sure your soul will be with God for eternity.

Pray for forgiveness right where you are! God will hear. Let us know how we can pray for you.

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