Singing Hope to the Nations

By   •   June 2, 2010

Meet Ana Paula Valadão, a popular Brazilian singer who wowed young and old at the Festival de Esperança in Belo Horizonte.

When Ana Paula Valadão was a little girl of 8, Jesus Christ tugged on her heart and she yielded her life to Him. Perhaps that is why the popular Brazilian singer is so passionate about ministering to children.

Valadão, who sang at FestKids and also on Saturday night at the Festival de Esperança in Belo Horizonte, strongly believes that “God wants to save many souls among our children.”

As the writer of most of her ministry’s songs, Valadão donates profits to a project in India that rescues girls who are victims of sexual exploitation. During an interview in Brazil, she explained how she got involved with Project India.

“When God called me as a child,” she says, “He placed a love for the nations in my heart. As I grew up and became a worship leader and singer, I really had in my heart this commitment to the calling. The first place we started to bless was India, where we have worked for 12 years in the restoration of little girls’ lives who were in prostitution.”

Valadão’s ministry, which is called Before the Throne, also works in Brazil helping children raised in abusive homes. “With money from music, we are reaching out to touch these children and their families—not just in India but here in Brazil, in Belo Horizonte as well.”

A Voice of Hope

“Brazil is a nation with many challenges in the area of social injustice,” says Valadão. “So many children don’t have a hope for their future; they have no hope for a good education. There are so many wounds, so many abuses, so much violence going on in these families that don’t know the Lord.

“I really believe when Jesus comes into a family, when Jesus comes into a child’s heart, He can change this,” she adds. “He can bring provision, bring freedom from generational curses and from so many things that are binding our people in poverty and injustice.”

Valadão’s journey as a worship leader almost never happened. When she graduated from high school, she started to study law at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. “I thought that when the Bible told me to me raise my voice in favor of the poor, God was directing me to become a lawyer. But I began to realize that He would like me to raise my voice in a different way.”

One year later, she went to the United States to study at Christ for the Nations. After two years of studying there and living away, Valadão found her true calling. Her songs started to flow in a natural way. Soon she returned to Brazil and completed her first live recording.

A Voice of Love

Because of her great love for children, Valadão was thrilled to be part of FestKids during the recent Franklin Graham Festival in Brazil. “I know FestKids helped to bring Jesus to many, many children and families. I’m sure many lives will be changed and marked forever.

“Personally, I really anticipate that a whole generation will be changed after this FestKids. They will have a destiny of hope. They will have a destiny of freedom. They will be world changers. They will not only change their families, their friends, the community and our city, but they will change this nation because Jesus came into their lives.”

During her set, she performed a song she penned especially for girls. “We know the enemy tries to hinder girls’ lives and to bring a spirit of rejection. The song is about the love of the Father and how girls are unique, how they are beautiful, how they are princesses in His eyes. There’s a lot of healing in the song.”

Valadão also prepared a song for boys. “They are all soldiers in the army of God and I want them to know they don’t have to be afraid.”

A Voice of Passion

On Saturday night, her songs visibly touched the adults. Tears flowed and hands were raised in reverent worship across Mega Space. Valadão says she is “honored that I was chosen by God with the musical talents to share His Word, to share His love in this wonderful way.”

Reflecting on the long term impact of the Franklin Graham Festival, Valadão says she believes that God has a special plan to bless Brazil and other nations, starting from Belo Horizonte. “It was not by chance that Belo Horizonte was chosen by God to host this special moment, this special event, and I really hope that a new passion for souls was birthed and will spread throughout the nation.

“There is a fire that’s burning in our hearts,” she adds, “and Billy Graham, Franklin Graham and the association, they carry this fire and they set everyone on fire in love, in passion, to reach out for the souls all over the world.”

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Please pray for all the people who accepted Christ in Brazil during the Festival, that they will grow in their faith and find a church home! Pray also for the children of the world, and for Ana Paula Valadão’s ministry.

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