Sarah Palin Draws Strength from Scripture

By   •   November 24, 2009   •   Topics:

It was a “dream come true” for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Describing her meeting with Billy Graham in his Montreat home Nov. 22, Palin said that spending time with him was a “once-in-a-lifetime experience that I had so looked forward to, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity.”

In a video interview following the visit, Palin noted that Mr. Graham “just exudes” the faith that so many wish to emulate. “His conversation is all about Christ. It’s all about God, and that foundation that he has knowing what life is really about, and our eternal life that awaits us as Christians.

“Getting to speak with him about that, about faith, was amazing,” Palin added.

On Faith

Palin then spoke with our producers about how she came to know Jesus Christ as her Savior. “I’m not shy about talking about my faith, because for me my faith, my family, and my freedom as an American are the most important things in my life,” she shared.

“I always have that foundation of faith that I can stand strong on and hold on to, to get through challenges. My faith in Christ is really, at the end of the day, my be all end all.”

Palin said she thinks “everyone is born with a God-shaped void in their soul, in their heart. I think that everybody is seeking something more, beyond what it is that we can see, hear, fill, and touch today here on this earth.”

On Challenges

The former governor acknowledges that everybody faces challenges. “Some of my challenges just may be on the front page of the paper that day. What I remember though is that God some how, some way can turn it around for good. A lot of people say, “Why are you still standing? How are you still standing? Why are you coming back for more?”

“It is then, said Palin, that she gets the opportunity to say, “You know what? God strengthens me through the challenges and allows me to stay very, very grounded because of my family and my kids, reminding me of what’s important every day.”

In dealing with her daily challenges, Palin leans on the Bible verse that says, “God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and might and a sound mind.”

She told our video producers, “That scripture reminds me that we don’t have to be afraid … that God will be there for us as we call upon Him, because He has given us … all those gifts of the Holy Spirit if we call out for them.”

On Leadership

Our team also spent time talking with Governor Palin about leadership. “I believe our country has been touched by God,” said Palin, “because when we formed our union, leaders back then dedicated our country to God and said that we would seek His will for our great nation.

“I think if we could get back to that humbleness,” she added, “with that kind of contrite spirit, I think that we would be able to be provided more of the answers to so many of the great challenges that we’re facing.”

Gov. Palin noted that it takes Godly counsel, prayer and “a collective humble heart of a nation seeking God’s hand of protection and His blessings and prosperity. I think if we could get back to that, our country will be a safer, more prosperous and healthier nation.”